Review of Happy Plugs Air 1 ANC: Quality wireless plugs with ANC support

In today's review, we take a look at the Happy Plugs Air 1 ANC wireless headphones, which are a kind of equipment extension of the recently tested Happy Plugs Air 1 Plus (you can read the review here). The models tested today at first glance resemble AirPods Pro, but in terms of price they are somewhere completely different. So let's look at them.


The sound reproduction of this model is ensured by dynamic 10 millimeter converters, which have a frequency range of 20 Hz – 20 kHz and a sensitivity of 107 +/- 3 dB. The communication is provided by the Bluetooth 5.0 protocol, the power supply is integrated by an integrated battery with a capacity of 45 mAh in individual headphones, and a larger, 600 mAh battery in the charging box. The headphones themselves have a declared endurance of 4.5-7 hours of listening (depending on how the ANC is used and switched on / off), the batteries in the box can then shift the battery life by a total of about another 30 hours. Charging takes less than two hours. The headphones are available in white, black, green and blue.


The headphones as such are made of plastic, so they are very light. On each of them there is a decorative strip, which can also be found on the charging box. The underside of the "foot" of the headphones is made of plastic, which looks like chrome. Thanks to the matt plastic and very light weight, the headphones do not look as premium as some other alternatives.

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The charging box is made of the same material as the headphones. Due to the shape and size of the headphones, it is a bit wider than in the recently tested Air 1 Plus. The closing joint is strong enough and powerful at first glance, so there is no risk of the closing mechanism swinging out. At the bottom of the box there is a charging USB-C connector, a button for pairing / resetting the headphones and four notification diodes that inform about the status of the integrated battery. Our test headphones are in the white color variant, and it should be noted here that the white box shows signs of use much quickly than on the darker variants. This is nothing that cannot be treated with a damp cloth, you just need to be careful.


The great advantage of this model is the presence of a total of six silicone inserts of different sizes. Everyone can choose their ideal size due to the comfort and shape of the ear, which is very important given that the correct placement in the ear significantly affects the sound quality and function of the ANC. Thanks to their very low weight, the headphones are comfortable even when worn for a longer period of time, and if they fit you well, you practically don't know about them. There is not much to complain about.

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The control of small wireless headphones with larger equipment is usually the Achilles heel of most models. A very small space can fit only a limited number of controls, on which a large number of functions need to be mapped. In this case, it is similar. Each handset has a touch pad that responds to a "push". The control panel on the left handset controls the volume and intelligent assistant using various combinations of presses, the control panel on the right handset then plays / pause, skip, seek and select individual play modes (ANC ON / OFF and transparent mode that amplifies ambient sounds) . It is necessary to memorize the individual functions and the combinations added to them.

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The sound quality of the headphones is up to date. The present as such is relatively flat and "sharp", with strong bass, and even stronger highs. In general, this can be considered the many times mentioned "modern sound", which is offered by a large number of manufacturers today. The headphones can be used without any problems in all volume spectra, only at the very highest it is necessary to take into account a slight distortion by the way the tiny inverter does not catch up. Compared to other headphones in this price category, which we have had so far, however, they neither lose nor stand out. The transparent mode works very well when listening, the ANC is not as strong as with over-ear headphones, but this is due to the physics and construction. The headphones can filter the noise of urban public transport, together with decent passive protection against ambient noise, relatively well.


Happy Plugs Air 1 ANC are the most expensive wireless headphones that Happy Plugs has to offer. If you're looking for a fully wireless model that offers solid ANC, plus transparent playback and relatively solid battery life, you can safely include this model in your selection.

You can buy Happy Plugs Air 1 ANC here: 3 999, –

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