Review of PanzerGlass Edge-to-edge protective glass for iPhone SE 2nd generation

Nothing hurts more than the first capillary on the display of a newly acquired iPhone. Fortunately, this pain can be very easily prevented by purchasing a suitable protective glass, which can avert all potential damage or at least eliminate the chance of their occurrence. One of these has recently arrived in our editorial office, and we will therefore present it in more detail in the following lines. It is an Edge-to-edge model from the workshop of the Danish manufacturer PanzerGlass, specifically a version for the iPhone SE 2nd generation. So how did the glass pass the test?

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The PanzerGlass Edge-to-edge tempered glass package for the 2nd generation iPhone SE does not deviate from the range of other PanzerGlass packages. The glass therefore arrives in a black box with orange details, a distinctive branding in several places and a depiction of both the glass model and the phone for which it is intended, on its upper side. As for the contents of the package, in addition to the glass, you will find a short manual, a sticker to remove dust, a polishing cloth and, of course, a wet wipe to remove the biggest dirt. In short and well – the package offers everything you need for a smooth application of glass to the phone display.


As I mentioned in the introduction, we specifically received the Edge-to-edge model for testing, which extends to the edges of the display, but does not copy the curvature of the phone, which can be a win for some users. Thanks to its design, it is Case Friendly, in other words fully compatible with original packaging from Apple's workshop and de facto with all other type-like covers and packaging. If the glass does not reach to the edges, there is logically no risk of it being pushed out by the covers surrounding the phone, even partially from the front. So if you're used to covers with a certain overlap (for example, the original covers from Apple's workshop), then Edge-to-edge is the perfect choice for you. If you choose the Premium variant, which copies the side curvature of the phone, you could encounter the extrusion of the glass by the cover, which is definitely not pleasant.

But let's go back to the properties of glass, because it definitely deserves attention. The glass boasts a thickness of 0.4 mm, a hardness of 9H, an excellent adhesive ensuring easy application of glass without air bubbles and, of course, full preservation of the original response to touch and high sensitivity. It is definitely worth mentioning that PanzerGlass guarantees a free replacement of its glass with a new one for two years after purchase, if it develops a deteriorated reaction to touch, problems with the adhesive layer or any limitation of the functionality of the sensors. So if you don't trust him in these things, know that if there are any problems with the glass after your purchase, the manufacturer will de facto go hand in hand and try to remove them at his own expense. In my opinion, this is a great benefit. It should be noted, however, that the Standard and Premium models also boast the same features and warranty program. Their only difference from Edge-to-edge is in the design. The price of the Edge-to-edge model is 899 crowns, the price of the Standard model is 699 crowns. The Premium model was not on offer at the time of writing.

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iPhone SE (2020) with PanzerGlass Edge-to-edge glass and ClearCase cover Source: Redakce Letem světem Apple


It is a bit of a paradox that even though tempered glass on a smartphone is used by someone, relatively few users can glue it well. The rest of them then often have a panicked fear of this act, as they are convinced that they will perform the application incorrectly and thus lose their money with a stupid mistake. In my opinion, this fear can be broken down in two ways – either by constant drilling, or by buying quality tempered glass with no less quality adhesives. While the first method is time consuming, the second is financial. After all, high-quality tempered glass of the PanzerGlass type is by no means one of the cheapest. However, I can guarantee you that even the largest hoof can stick it, so you will not lose your money in any case due to bad sticking. The lion's share of your success will be high-quality glue, which does not lose its properties even after several detachments from the display, for example due to an air bubble or dirt under it. However, you must of course perform this detachment in a short period of time. Otherwise, the glass will "suck" onto the phone's display and no major modifications will be allowed.

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From my own experience, I can say that there are no problems with air bubbles in PanzerGlass glasses, as the glasses can usually deal with them themselves within a few hours and push them out, so all you have left is a beautiful, undisturbed indoor display. But what had happened to me many times was the penetration of dirt under him. Fortunately, this can be avoided quite simply – specifically by quickly applying glass to the phone's cleaned display. And when I say fast, I mean really fast. It should not take more than a few seconds for the back cover of the glass to be peeled off and placed on the phone's display, otherwise the risk of dust or anything similar just penetrating under the laminated glass increases. Getting rid of similar impurities is not easy, but it is not unsolvable. The sticker that PanzerGlass comes with glass helps you with that. All you have to do is step off the glass where the dirt is, insert the sticker into the gap and try to pull the dirt through its sticky side. You don't have to worry about the sticky side of the sticker damaging the sticky side of the glass in any way. If you don't rip it off, there's no problem with it.

If you do not have the PanzerGlass sticker at hand or it no longer works for some reason, do not be afraid to replace it with another sticky thing. Personally, I have already drawn dirt from under the glass several times with adhesive labels used, for example, to mark chapters in textbooks, and I have also celebrated success. However, be sure to avoid needles, toothpicks and similar things, as this could damage the sticky bottom layer of the glass, which could be seen as a result and you would be sorry. Therefore, always correct deficiencies patiently, with prudence and, above all, with the right procedures.

As for gluing tempered glass specifically to the iPhone SE 2nd generation, it is probably not necessary to mention how easy it is compared to frameless iPhones. With the SE 2 Home Button, distinctive sensors with a top speaker and relatively distinctive frames, shredding the glass is not complicated. Personally, I always start leveling the glass from the Home Button and continue slowly up to the top speaker, which is, thanks to its size, an absolutely ideal indicator of the accuracy of gluing. Once it is aligned, simply place the glass face down on the phone's display and push it to the center. The glass attaches itself to the display, ideally completely without bubbles – whether air or dirt. If that doesn't happen, you have the fun I wrote about above in front of you. In that case, I wish you good luck.


One of the most common arguments of people who do not use tempered glass on phone displays is that they reduce their user comfort, for example due to poorer sliding of a finger on the screen or the like. In the case of PanzerGlass, you certainly don't have to worry about anything like that, quite the opposite. Personally, it occurs to me that its oleophobic layer, whose main mission is to prevent excessive smudging on phones, is at a higher level than in the case of Apple, both in terms of "slip" of the finger and endurance. When I get my hands on a new iPhone, I feel its display "coarser", usually after a few days of more intensive use. With the PanzerGlass, however, you can swipe your finger across the screen for a month at a time, and you'll still find that you glued it for the first time ten minutes ago. So I can't praise the glass in that regard.

The same in pale blue can be said about the controllability of the phone in terms of responses to touch. The reactions of the display are absolutely perfect even with glued glass – I would even say exactly the same as with the display without glass. Do you think that is a matter of course? I will mislead you. During my life, I had the honor of gluing countless tempered glasses in various price categories to the phone, and a good 20% of them more or less signed on touch sensitivity. And it should be noted that not only glass "for three fives" originating from Chinese e-shops had problems, but also glass for the order of medium hundred crowns in renowned electronics or e-shops. In short and well – to come across quality glass that protects your phone and at the same time does not partially paralyze it.

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Source: Redakce Letem světem Applem

An equally important property of tempered glass is its durability. I did not test this with any extremes, but with the "test of life". So I carried the phone with the glued glass in my bag for a week, along with a lot of "display" things, led by keys, small coins or pens. So you could say that the test very nicely simulated everyday life and the use of a phone with PanzerGlass glass in it. And the result? Pleasing, but not entirely surprising. Since the glass is really very durable, even after a week of my efforts, not a single scratch appeared on it, even though I got quite angry a few times and, for example, slammed into the car in such a style that I wouldn't want to be in it, let alone the phone surrounded by sharp things. However, the damage is still zero. On the other hand, it should be noted that in similar tests, luck always plays a role, which could simply help the display to pass the sharper edges of the lures or in similar things. The test must therefore, of course, be taken with some reserve. After all, the same can be said about protection against the display cracking after a fall. If you are lucky, falling from x meters will not damage your glass phone. On the other hand, if you are unlucky, not even a few tens of centimeters and first-class tempered glass will prevent the display from cracking. However, using tempered glass will definitely increase your phone's chances of falling.

From the previous lines, it might seem that the PanzerGlass Edge-to-edge glass is absolutely perfect. However, one fly would still be found on it – specifically the edges. They are relatively sharp and although you do not come into contact with them too often when using the protective cover, it would certainly not hurt to round them at least a little. Personally, I don't need a rounding as big as with the Premium version, but I would simply welcome a small chamfer. This would increase user comfort and improve the aesthetic impression of the glass phone. This is not due to zero curvature at all. The glass simply does not try to blend in with the rest of the phone, not only through its "encirclement", but also in terms of taking over its curves or if you want roundness. On the other hand, even that will not hurt you too much when using the cover.


A high-quality partner for your phone that gives it the necessary dose of protection.

How to evaluate the toughened glass PanzerGlass Edge-to-edge in short? In my opinion, this is a very good partner for your phone, which will give him the necessary dose of protection and, if necessary, he will sacrifice for him. Of course, its price is higher than with no-name slides, but in contrast to PanzerGlass, you have 100% reliability in terms of both user comfort and protection. A pleasant icing on the cake is a two-year warranty for defects associated with the glue, which no-name slides will definitely not offer you. So if you want to give your phone one of the best possible screen protectors today, you have just found it.

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If you are interested in PanzerGlass tempered glass, we have good news for you. At our partner Mobil Pohotovost, we have arranged a 20% discount for him. And not just for him. You can also save 20% by purchasing the Standard version and the ClearCase cover in which the phone was tested (you can see it in some photos above). All you have to do is enter tf2352020 in the field for the discount code on the Mobil Po Readiness e-shop and the 20% discount will be deducted.

You can buy the PanzerGlass ClearCase cover for iPhone SE (2020) instead of the original 899 crowns for 712 crowns here
You can buy PanzerGlass Standard tempered glass for iPhone SE (2020) instead of the original 699 crowns for 559 crowns here
PanzerGlass Edge-to-edge tempered glass for iPhone SE (2020) can be purchased here instead of the original 899 crowns for 712 crowns here

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Source: Redakce Letem světem Applem

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