Review of Swissten Slim Charger Adapters: The ideal partner for any home

There are a lot of charging adapters and you can choose from any shape and features. Most of you are likely to charge your products using original chargers. You don't have to worry about whether any other charger is correct for a device and you believe that the manufacturer also comes with the right charger. Today, however, we look at the Swissten charging adapters, which I have not seen in the Czech Republic. You know the situation when you are reconstructing a room or another room and inserting a single wall drawer or bed or wardrobe. You might put a classic charger, such as a mobile phone that has a straight outlet, behind the bed, but the cable would be bent at right angles, so we don't have to talk about its life. But let's not overtake us unnecessarily and let's first look at the specifications, packaging, and then let's get to the personal experience.

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  Pavel Jelič Nov 5, 2019 1

Official specifications


swissten_slim_adaptery_produkt6 swissten_slim_adaptery_produkt6

swissten_slim_adaptery_produkt8 swissten_slim_adaptery_produkt8

swissten_slim_adaptery_produkt1 swissten_slim_adaptery_produkt1

swissten_slim_adaptery_produkt7 swissten_slim_adaptery_produkt7 +3 Photos

swissten_slim_adaptery_produkt2 swissten_slim_adaptery_produkt2

swissten_slim_adaptery_produkt3 swissten_slim_adaptery_produkt3
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If these Slim Charging Adapters have intrigued you at the outset, be sure to impress twice as much in the technical specifications. They are not ordinary, nowadays slow adapters. The output of the adapters is 3A at 5V, so together the adapter can produce a maximum power of up to 15W. This means we can compare this adapter with a calm head to the original 18W Apple quick-charging adapter. Fast charging of the latest iPhone will not be a problem with the Slim adapter. Adapters as well as cable adapters are available for purchase. You can choose between Lightning connector (with or without MFi certification) or with classic microUSB connector. The adapters are available in two colors – black and white, which also depends on the color of the supplied cable. Smart IC technology is used for charging, so you can always be sure that your device gets exactly the power it needs.



swissten_slim_adaptery4 swissten_slim_adaptery4

swissten_slim_adaptery5 swissten_slim_adaptery5

swissten_slim_adaptery6 swissten_slim_adaptery6

swissten_slim_adaptery7 swissten_slim_adaptery7 +3 Photos

swissten_slim_adaptery1 swissten_slim_adaptery1

swissten_slim_adaptery12 swissten_slim_adaptery12
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If we look at the packaging page, we are not surprised – what you would expect in the pack of charging adapters. On the front of the box you can see the variant that you have purchased (or which you just want to buy). The ideal thing is that you can see both the color and the adapter cable in the package right on the front. The color of the adapter itself can be verified with your own eyes by opening the front of the box. After opening, you can see through the transparent window whether the color of the adapter really corresponds. On the other side of the folded up part there is the illustrated use of the Slim adapter in practice. After opening the box, it is enough to pull out the plastic case with the adapter itself (and possibly the cable). Look no further in the box – instructions for proper use are on the back of the box.



swissten_slim_adaptery19 swissten_slim_adaptery19

swissten_slim_adaptery8 swissten_slim_adaptery8

swissten_slim_adaptery10 swissten_slim_adaptery10

swissten_slim_adaptery9 swissten_slim_adaptery9 +4 Photos

swissten_slim_adaptery11 swissten_slim_adaptery11

swissten_slim_adaptery13 swissten_slim_adaptery13

swissten_slim_adaptery14 swissten_slim_adaptery14
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I have no complaint about processing. The adapters and their design inspired me immediately after I had the opportunity to take them into my hands. Their design is perfectly minimalist and “clean”, you won't find any unnecessary anywhere. The material used for the production is of course plastic, but it is processed to repair a nice matt form. As I mentioned in the introduction, at the bottom (or top) there are two USB outputs. If you place the adapter in the socket with the USB outputs facing downwards, you will get one more cool thing. On the top of the adapter is a kind of "groove" in which you can insert your charging device. If you do not have a storage compartment at your fingertips, you do not have to place the device on the ground, but place it on top of the adapter itself, from where it will not fall. However, if you turn the adapter in the socket upwards, you simply lose this convenience. On the front of the adapter you will find a decent Swissten logo. The only thing you might mind is the blue LED that lights up when you plug it into a power outlet. However, this is not something that would not solve a piece of adhesive tape.

Personal experience


swissten_slim_adaptery_produkt5 swissten_slim_adaptery_produkt5

swissten_slim_adaptery_produkt4 swissten_slim_adaptery_produkt4

swissten_slim_adaptery17 swissten_slim_adaptery17

swissten_slim_adaptery16 swissten_slim_adaptery16 +5 Photos

swissten_slim_adaptery18 swissten_slim_adaptery18

swissten_slim_adaptery15 swissten_slim_adaptery15

swissten_slim_adaptery3 swissten_slim_adaptery3

swissten slim adaptéry swissten slim adapters
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Swissten designed special Slim adapters to avoid unnecessary bending of cables, and also to allow you to push a piece of furniture to the wall even if you want to have an adapter plugged in. Honestly I have to say that I fell in love with Slim adapters almost immediately after first use. The cable outlet down or up makes much more sense if you plug the adapter directly into a wall outlet, and not to an extension cable. If you have an unused outlet somewhere, you can start using it immediately using the Slim adapter. Nowadays, there are very modern white walls – if you use a white adapter, no one will notice it. Personally, I immediately used one of the adapters at the socket that was inserted into the bed. I could not place a classic adapter here, as it would not be possible to push the bed completely to the wall. However, using the Slim Adapter, I could get rid of the extension cable and only pull out the two cables I need at the bed.


If you are looking for a superbly processed and perfectly usable charging adapter, I can only recommend the Slim charging adapter from Swissten. You can use the slim adapter in several situations – whether it is to use the drawer that you have behind a piece of furniture or to the classic use of the wall socket. What's more, these Swissten adapters are so great that you won't be ashamed of them even where the drawer is directly visible. In addition, you have several variants, where you can buy either the adapter itself in two colors, or the adapter together with the cable (Lightning with and without MFi, or microUSB).

Discount code and free shipping has prepared for our readers a 20% discount code, which you can use on all Swissten charging adapters. Just enter the code (without the quotation marks) "SLIM20" when ordering. Along with the 20% discount code, free shipping on all products is also available. Be sure not to delay applying this code, as it is only available to the first 50 buyers.

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