Review of watchOS 7: Small but clever changes for the better

It's been a few months since Apple introduced new operating systems at the inaugural WWDC20 conference. Specifically, these were iOS and iPadOS 14, macOS 11 Big Sur, watchOS 7 and tvOS 14. Over the course of several months, these operating systems could be reached by developers, along with beta testers. It turned out that most of these operating systems are really very stable. Maybe that's why Apple decided not to wait for anything and untraditionally released GM versions of iOS and iPadOS 14, watchOS 7 and tvOS 14 yesterday, after the Apple Event. The first official versions will then be released to the public tonight.

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<p>Of course, we in the newsroom tested all these systems every day. From our observations, we even created a mini-series in which we watched together all the innovations we had seen in the new systems. Thanks to long testing, we can now bring you reviews of all operating systems. Specifically, in this article we will take a closer look at the watchOS 7 operating system, which is of course intended for the Apple Apple watch. So, if you're interested in what Apple comes up with in watchOS 7.0, just read this article to the end.</p>
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Design, stability and battery life

It's no secret that Apple has not made any significant changes to this year's new operating systems. The new watchOS 7 is thus in many ways similar to the previous version of watchOS 6, which is not bad at all in the final. The original design of the system is very elaborate and what we lie about, you won't come up with much more on such a small display. Among the design elements, we can specifically include several new dials that Apple introduced yesterday with the arrival of Series 6. In addition to the already available Chronograph Pro, these are the Typograph, Memoji, GMT, Count Up, Stripes and Artist dials. Each of these dials is sure to find its loyal user. The watch dials in focusOS 7 focus on countless different activities and offer many new features – but more on that later.

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If we compare, in terms of stability, the first beta version of watchOS 7 and the GM version released a few hours ago, then we can say that a lot has definitely changed. While in the case of the first beta versions we experienced a system crash here and there, which had to be restarted, in the last released beta versions, together with the GM version, I personally have not encountered any crashes or jams for a long time. In terms of stability, watchOS 7 can definitely be praised and there is nothing to complain about. Many users are then wondering how it is with battery life – even in this case, I have great news. Personally, I have owned the Apple Watch Series 4 for about a year and a half, with which I am more or less satisfied. Of course, the age of the watch is already signed on the battery, which lasted for a maximum of one day within watchOS 6. However, with the advent of watchOS 7, I am able to work with the watch all day, and in the evening I still have enough energy left to allow Apple Watch to analyze sleep overnight (again, see below). This is how watchOS 7 significantly affected the battery life of my apple watch, of course for the better.

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The watchOS 7 operating system includes several different innovations, ie a number of functions in advance. Right at the beginning, we can mention the perfectly functioning Sleep Analysis, in addition, we also saw the Hand Wash function. Let's take a look at both of these main features, then discuss some more features below.

Sleep analysis

Right at the beginning, let's take a look at what I think is the best new feature in wachOS 7 – it's a sleep analysis option. If you wanted to perform sleep analysis in older versions of watchOS, you had to use third-party applications. There are really countless of these applications available and it should be noted that they work great. However, the native sleep analysis application was simply missing in watchOS. Even before the introduction of watchOS 7, it was somehow known that Apple would really come up with this feature, which was finally confirmed. Personally, I started using sleep analysis right on the day the first beta version of watchOS 7 was released, and I liked it so much that I use it every day to this day (and I certainly will).

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As the name of this function suggests, it will help you with a complete analysis of your sleep, "from A to Z". At the very beginning, you need to set your sleep goal together with a schedule from which everything will depend. The absolutely great news is that we can finally set a schedule for different days separately, for the average mortal most often separately for weekdays and separately for the weekend. You only need to set this schedule really once and you don't have to worry about anything else. Apple Watch wakes you up every morning according to a set schedule, and can also warn you some time before bed that it's time to go to bed. Before the set time when you have to go to bed, they can then activate a sleep mode, during which you will no longer receive any notifications.

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In addition, I must not forget to mention the new sleep mode, which you can either activate manually or it is activated depending on the schedule. This sleep mode automatically reduces the brightness of the display, at which only the time appears along with the alarm information. Of course, you will not receive any notifications. The schedule is then deactivated again either manually or depending on the schedule. So if you've ever slept with Apple Watch in the past and had to manually activate theater mode with sleep mode before going to bed, then believe me, all these troubles are finally going away. Sleep mode can then be easily activated from the control center of your iPhone, which is again a great solution. All these functions are intended to help the user maintain sleep hygiene, thanks to which you will get up to sleep in the morning and are full of energy. I have to say for myself that watchOS 7 really motivates me to sleep regularly and in a few weeks I really started to feel changes for the better.

Hand washing

Another "bigger" feature that watchOS 7 comes with is Hand Wash. Unfortunately, in this case, Apple generally did not intend to function. Let's say together at the beginning how this function should theoretically work. Apple Watch should use motion sensors and microphones to automatically detect when you start washing your hands. When it recognizes it, Apple Watch haptically informs you and starts a countdown of twenty seconds, during which you have to wash your hands. Of course, if you adhere to this time, Apple Watch will praise you. Unfortunately, the practice is slightly different. Right in the first beta versions, the countdown screen was displayed when it was not, and when it was not, it was not displayed. Over time, this feature has improved, which fortunately has become much more accurate. Even after premature hand washing, a screen appeared where you could choose why you stopped washing your hands – either you could say that it was just a quick rinse or that there was no hand washing at all. Thanks to the second option, the watch should then learn on its own and find out when you wash your hands and when not.

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However, for the Hand Wash feature to work properly, Apple Watch would need to be able to break into your thoughts. An apple watch simply can't tell if you're going to go wash your hands or just rinse a cloth. The countdown starts more or less every time water is heard, which is of course correct, but what we lie about, none of us will definitely keep for 20 seconds just so that the watch tells us Good Work. The function that can alert you to hand washing when you get home makes much more sense to me. You can easily activate this in Apple Watch Settings. The intention of the screen itself with a countdown of 20 seconds seems to be good, but the design is unfortunately worse and I'm afraid that users will turn off this feature after a few days – but quite rightly so.

More news

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Other innovations we've seen include the ability to share dials – just hold your finger on the home screen, and then you can share the dial either in the News or via a link. Thanks to the sharing of dials, various internet galleries of dials can be created, in which you can easily choose. You can then insert several different complications from one application into the dials – so we are no longer limited to one complication from a certain application to one dial. In addition, new types of exercises, including Dance, have been added to watchOS 7. We can also mention the function that informs you about the condition of the battery in the settings, there is also the function Optimized Charging, thanks to which Apple Watch "learns" your charging mode and will ensure longer battery life.


If I should summarize watchOS 7, I can say that this is a fairly successful operating system with great new features – in addition to the aforementioned Hand Wash, which will probably never work exactly as we imagined. The system as such is really very stable and above all much more economical – you will definitely know the better battery life almost immediately. So if you are afraid of updating to watchOS 7, then believe me, there is nothing to worry about. More or less, it is the style of watchOS 6, which is, however, "full of" many new features. The Golden Master version of watchOS 7 is available now, and the full version of watchOS 7 will be available to the public tonight.

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