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If you often drive your car or truck at night, you might like this article. You will surely tell me that driving at night is in many ways much more dangerous than driving at night. The biggest scarecrow is, for example, the game that crosses the road, people without reflective elements and other obstacles that may appear on the road. Moreover, many drivers are tired at night, which can lead to a very unpleasant situation. Until now you have been able to fight at night by having a good night's sleep and by having a vehicle with good lights. Conventional halogen lamps, which are still part of many cars, do not turn so well, and not everyone has the money to buy a vehicle with xenon lamps or LED lights.

There is no night vision as night vision

Lanmodo decided to fight all the problems that arise when driving at night. Newer vehicles have different cameras, which provide the driver with a kind of "night mode" – that is, processing the surroundings so that even at night you can see what flashes where. Still, these systems are often imperfect and black and white, so you can't see everything. In fact, you can look into this system, which can put other road users at risk. These technologies are called passive and use passive maps to recognize objects. Lanmodo, however, has created a special Lanmodo Vast device, which belongs to the active night vision.


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Differences between passive and active vision

As I mentioned above, passive night vision is mediated by temperature maps. Such night vision can be found in many new vehicles and is not ideal because of the black and white image. Active night vision, which includes Lanmodo Vast, uses in addition to temperature maps primarily infrared light. It is thanks to the infrared light that Lanmodo Vast can work perfectly even when a car with the lights on or when there is a different glare. Even active night vision is not absolutely perfect. Poor visibility is evident in bad weather, ie when it rains or when it snows. Certainly, however, can not say that during the night active night vision completely failed – even by mistake. The image is not just as good as it would normally be.

With Lanmodo Vast you can see up to 300 meters ahead


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If you opt for active night vision Lanmodo Vast, so believe this device can turn night into day. With Lanmodo Vast, you can easily see everything around you at night. So you won't have to worry about overlooking a pedestrian or other object on the way. Lanmodo Vast uses a special camera that projects images on an 8.2 ″ Full HD display. However, numbers speak best for Lanmodo Vast. With the classic headlights you can see at a maximum distance of 60 meters in front of you, with the better ones at a maximum of 80 meters. Lanmodo Vast can almost quadruple this distance to more than 300 meters.

Rich packaging

If you are interested in the initial description of Lanmodo Vast, you may also be interested in what is included in the package of this product. Inside the box is a very detailed manual, which contains in addition to all the information also the installation procedure. Of course, there is a special camera and an 8.2 ″ Full HD display to which the image is transmitted. You will also find a suction cup stand in the box so you can easily place the device on the dashboard. There is also a power cord or non-slip mat. As a last thing, you will find a screwdriver in the package that you will use when installing the device.

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Wiring and processing

Regarding Lanmodo Vast involvement, I can reassure you – it is definitely not difficult. In the end, there is no need for instructions, as all parts are combined and it is done. Lanmodo Vast is controlled by the buttons on the left side of the display. They let you choose camera settings, screen rotation, and menu navigation. Last but not least, you can also use the buttons to switch between black and white and color mode. As I mentioned before, most competing devices offer only black and white vision. With Lanmodo Vast, however, you get a color image, which is a real plus. You can “live in” a color image much more easily, and you can recognize any objects that appear on the road much faster.


If you are afraid to drive in the dark, either because you have an older car that does not shine very well, or if you are afraid of colliding with an animal or a pedestrian, believe that these days are over. Together with Lanmodo Vast, all the worries and troubles that arise during night driving will be overcome. What is also great is that Lanmodo Vast can be used by both car drivers and truck drivers. Along with the rich packaging, you can also be sure of simple installation, together with perfect workmanship. Simply put, Lanmodo Vast can make a day out of the dark.

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