Russia Apple: If you want to work here, you have to have offices here

If you've been following Apple for a long time, you certainly haven't missed its troubles with Russia, which in the past dictated blocking certain apps. opened offices. Otherwise, he wants to prevent them from operating in the country.

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Jan Vajdák

April 26, 2021


Russia's demand is clear and simple – by the end of the year, Apple and other US technology companies want to open offices in the country, saying that if they do not, they will be subject to either a total ban on its territory or a range of "penalties" such as restrictions on advertising, data collection, money transfers from the country and so on. Russia has not disclosed why the offices of American technology companies are required, but there are rumors in the corridors that it promises more influence over these companies in terms of easier promotion of its interests.

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Amaya Toman

1. 8. 2021


Although Apple and no other technology company have yet commented on the matter, it can be assumed that it will listen to Russia's demands and create offices on its territory. Any problems on his part would be very unpleasant for him, and than risking them, it would be better for them to succumb in this direction and go to his hand, so to speak. So far, he only wanted "only" legal things for him, so it cannot be completely expected that he would decide to take a different path soon.

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