Samsung Display wants to capture NED and QDNED brand names: Quantom Dot AR glasses?

In South Korea, Samsung has filed two notable display-related brand names with the local KIPO – Korean Intellectual Property Office: NED and QDNED. Near-to-Eye Display and Quantum Dot Near-to-Eye Display, provided we interpret the abbreviations correctly.

samsung display qdned, ned trademarks

Samsung NED and QDNED displays

In a world where normal screens, virtual reality and augmented reality may increasingly overlap, rumors about future AR glasses continue to play a role. Samsung is still busy with it behind the screen, and Apple is said to have its plans, after all.

And that is why it is striking that the South Koreans now filed two trademark registrations in the home country. To be precise, it is Samsung Display that wants to capture the terms NED and QDNED – Near-to-Eye Display and Quantum Dot Near-to-Eye Display, it seems. It may therefore be a quantum dot display for VR or AR glasses.

AR glasses in particular could benefit from the high brightness with which a Quantom Dot display can show images. This is an advantage if you want to make glasses that also need to show information to the wearer or wearer in clear daylight.

Incidentally, Samsung mentions a laundry list of possible screens in the description of both applications (HERE and HERE). However, the number of applications for a Near-to-eye screen is of course relatively limited. Hence our assumption that this is a VR or AR application.

The relevance for Samsung phones is not immediately clear at first glance. But they are also mentioned as a possible field of application, so never say never.

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