Samsung Galaxy A52: a first few specifications

Although we only expect Samsung's Galaxy A52 in 2021, we are already revealing a few specifications of the device.

samsung galaxy a52 specs
Galaxy A52 predecessors: A51 (left) and A50 (right)

Galaxy A52: first specifications

The fact that Samsung would ever release a Galaxy A52 was already guessed after the registration of a series of brand names, almost a year ago. Since then we did not find out much about the device, but now a few first details reached us.

In any case, we can confirm that Samsung is indeed busy with the Galaxy A52, which will of course also be released as a 5G model. Just like its predecessor – the Galaxy A51 – the A52 is equipped with a quad camera module on the back.

We do not yet know details of the wide-angle lens and depth sensor. It is certain that the A52 again has a macro camera, and therefore probably not a real zoom lens. In addition, the main camera will have a resolution of 64 megapixels. That's a nice upgrade over the Galaxy A51's 48-megapixel sensor – at least on paper.

Incidentally, the Galaxy A72 will get the same macro camera as the A52, but that is of course easy to guess. Finally, the Galaxy A71 and A51 also share this part. We do not know at the moment whether it is a macro camera with the same 5 MP resolution.


As we wrote, these are the first real details of the Galaxy A52 that are now emerging. In other words, the device is still a long way from launch. This is therefore only expected in a few months. Last year, Samsung unveiled the Galaxy A51 around mid-December. The device was in stores a month later, in early 2020.

It will therefore take a while before the A52 will really succeed the A51. Until then, we will undoubtedly learn a lot more about the device, which could potentially become one of Samsung's best-selling phones of 2021 – judging by the popularity of the A50 and A51.

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