Samsung Galaxy Note 10 now also receives One UI 2.1 update with April security patch

Yesterday, the Galaxy S10 received the One UI 2.1 update – today Samsung is also rolling it out for the Galaxy Note 10. That device also gets various features today that come from the Galaxy S20. Additionally, the April security patch will be installed. Note: if you have a Note 10 Plus you have to be patient (or crank Smart Switch).

samsung galaxy note 10 one ui 2.1 update april 2020

Galaxy Note 10 update April 2020: One UI 2.1

In mid-March, Samsung announced that the Galaxy Note 10 – like the Galaxy S10 – would receive an update with a number of Galaxy S20 features. The device would therefore get the same version of Samsung's One UI interface as that latest, just launched top model. And indeed, at the end of March exactly that update already rolled out in Germany. Now you can also install it in the Netherlands.

A large 1700MB download provides the device with firmware version N97xFXXU3CTC9. The update primarily includes the April security patch, including 57 fixes from Google and 34 from Samsung for its proprietary software. This mainly concerns improvements for the safety of the fingerprint sensor and the Secure Folder.

The lion's share of the large download really contains mainly version 2.1 of the One UI interface. Since the update to Android 10, the Note 10 ran on One UI 2.0. The newer version contains a number of major and minor changes. This gives the camera three new modes and functions: Single shot, Professional video and My Filter. Moreover, you can now record UHD video at 60 frames per second.

samsung galaxy note 10 update one ui 2.1 april 2020 changelog n975fxxu3ctc9

The Gallery gets the new Quick Crop option, and the Group Images button allows you to view photos that are very similar and taken in quick succession under one thumbnail. That makes the Photos overview a lot, uhm, more organized. The AR Emoji option can now be found in the camera under the heading AR Zone. Samsung has also further improved facial recognition.

Also completely new is the Quick share function, which you now find between the quick settings on the notification screen. With Quick share you can quickly connect to other Samsung phones with the same function, and thus transfer files directly between two phones. The Galaxy Note 10 also gets the Music share function, with which you can share the connection with a set of Bluetooth speakers with other phones.

galaxy note 10 software info n975fxxu3ctc April 9th

galaxy s10 one ui 2.1 quick share

galaxy s10 one ui 2.1 music share

galaxy s10 one ui 2.1 shortcuts

galaxy s10 one ui 2.1 single shot

galaxy s10 one ui 2.1 camera professional video


You can now download the April update, including One UI 2.1, directly on the Dutch, unbranded Galaxy Note 10. You can also install it on the Note 10 Plus, but at the time of writing this is only possible via Smart Switch on your PC. We also expect it soon on this device OTA – Over The Air. If you have a Belgian Galaxy Note 10 model, or a branded device from Vodafone or T-Mobile, you still need some patience. These devices will of course receive the same update, but not today.

As always, you will receive a notification if you can download the update directly on your Galaxy Note 10, or you can check the availability directly via Settings -> Software update -> Download and install.

Do you already have the update on your Galaxy Note 10? Has all gone well? Also, do not hesitate to give a signal when it comes to OTA on your Galaxy Note 10 Plus!

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