Samsung Galaxy Note 10 update brings better fingerprint recognition, OneDrive integration

Samsung is rolling out a second November update to the Galaxy Note 10 and Note 10 Plus. There is no new security patch on board, but a better finger scanner and integration of Samsung Cloud in OneDrive.

samsung galaxy note 10 update november 2019

Galaxy Note 10 update for fingerprint sensor

Even before the start of the month, the Galaxy Note 10 received the November security update. You would therefore think that the device will have an update period in the coming weeks, but nothing turns out to be less true. A new update, with firmware version N97xFXXU1ASJM, brings two significant improvements: fingerprint recognition gets better, and the previously announced integration of Samsung Cloud and OneDrive is started.

After the recent fuss when the fingerprint sensor of the Galaxy S10 and Note 10 turned out to be a specific type of screen protector, Samsung rolled out a quick fix for that problem. The final solution turned out to be in the November patch. However, these fixes did not benefit the operation of the finger sensor, making a new update useful.

This update now comes, and ensures that fingerprint recognition works as usual – or better -. If you want to reap the benefits, you will have to register your fingerprints again after installation. You do that in the Settings under the menu item Biometrics and security.

Samsung Cloud and Microsoft OneDrive integration

In addition, the new update brings the integration of Samsung Cloud and Microsoft's OneDrive, which turned out to be in the pipeline a while back. Samsung is therefore not waiting for the major Android 10 upgrade to take this step. Samsung will therefore transfer its own Cloud service in its entirety to Microsoft's OneDrive service.

After performing the update today, you can go to the Gallery on your Galaxy Note 10 and choose the settings there. In the Gallery settings menu you can now see the Switch to OneDrive option, provided you have a Samsung Cloud account in which you also store your photos. You can then link your Samsung Cloud account to an existing OneDrive account, or create a new one. The move from one cloud to another then takes place in the background – you don't have to do anything yourself. More information about this move could already be read HERE.

samsung cloud to onedrive option gallery

samsung cloud to onedrive accounts link conditions

link samsung cloud to onedrive accounts

Samsung cloud to onedrive data transfer notification

samsung cloud to onedrive transfer notification 2


The new update is available from today on the Dutch, unbranded Galaxy Note 10 (Plus). For Belgian devices, or branded models that are purchased directly from Vodafone or T-Mobile, it is undoubtedly also available, but not yet. As soon as you can install it on your Note 10, a notification will appear between your notifications. You can check the availability yourself via Settings -> Software update -> Download and install.

Did you perform the update? Do you notice the better fingerprint recognition?

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