Samsung Galaxy Note 8 will receive April security update

As of today, the April update will be available on the Galaxy Note 8. It is Samsung's second phone to get the new patch this month, after the Galaxy S8 had its turn earlier this week.

samsung galaxy note 8 update april 2020

Galaxy Note 8 update April 2020

For the Galaxy Note 8, an almost 582MB large download is ready with firmware version N950FXXSADTC4. The security update does not make any visible, functional changes. However, the latest security patch that Google and Samsung put together for the device will be installed. Unfortunately, we cannot say what exactly is in the patch, which issues are solved, what improvements are made to the software. Samsung has not yet announced details of the new update, after all.

The update does contain the usual, unspecified optimizations and bug fixes. These take place behind the scenes, as a result of which you usually do not notice much in everyday life.

galaxy note 8 update april 2020 changelist n950fxxsadtc4


You can install the April update on unbranded Galaxy Note 8 copies in the Netherlands and Belgium. As is often the case, you still have to be patient if you bought your branded device directly from Vodafone or T-Mobile. You will get the same update, but only later this month. In any case, you will automatically be notified that you can download the new update. If you don't want to wait for that, in the Settings go to Software Update and tap Download & Install.

Have you installed the April update on your Galaxy Note 8? Have you come across any changes, bugs or bug fixes that we haven't mentioned above? Let us know below!

(Thanks to everyone for the notifications!)

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