Samsung Galaxy S10 now gets One UI 2.1 update in the Netherlands including April patch

Today Samsung rolls the Galaxy S10 update with version One UI 2.1 and the April security patch. The new version of the interface contains many features that we know from the Galaxy S20 series, including Quick Share and various camera functions.

samsung galaxy s10 one ui 2.1 update in the netherlands

Galaxy S10 One update April 2020: One UI 2.1

Less than a month ago, we learned that Samsung wants to update the Galaxy S10 series to version 2.1 of the One UI interface. With the update to Android 10, the device finally had One UI 2.0, while the Galaxy S20 has just appeared on the market with One UI 2.1. Quite soon after, it was Samsung itself that confirmed the arrival of the update, and reported that the update would roll out in March. And a smooth roll-out in Germany seemed to confirm this. In the end we had to wait a little longer, but today is the day.

In the Netherlands and in Belgium, the April update is now rolling out on the devices in the Galaxy S10. The approximately 1550MB heavy update contains firmware version G97xFXXU4CTC9. There are many changes in this. Let's start at the beginning: the latest security patch. The April patch is installed with this update. We do not know at the moment which security fixes it contains. Samsung and Google did not yet disclose details of the content of the patch.

Galaxy S20 features

More interesting is the part of the update that provides the Galaxy S10 series with the One UI, version 2.1. The camera app is expanded with a number of new functions: Single recording, Professional video and My Filter. Night mode is improved, and you get the option to record UHD video at 60 frames per second. The Gallery app is also tinkered with. Fast Cropping photos is made a little easier by the eponymous feature. The search and sorting of photos and videos is also improved a lot. In addition, you can now have similar photos displayed as one photo, with the Group Images function in the Photos overview.

And then there are the Quick Share and Music Share functions. The former allows you to share files directly between Galaxy phones that have this feature – now the Galaxy S10 and S20 series, soon also the Galaxy Note 10. The latter allows you to play music through a Bluetooth device connected to another device is. Furthermore, the keyboard is improved, AR Emoji is refined and inserted in the AR Zone camera function, and the face recognition is improved.

All in all, this is quite a hefty update, quite shortly after the upgrade to Android 10. In the past, it usually took longer for Samsung to bring features from new models to earlier top models. We bet that Samsung especially wants to quickly spread the Quick Share function, because it is especially useful if many phones have it.

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galaxy s10 one ui 2.1 update software data

1585123873 432 Samsung starts One UI 2.1 update Galaxy S10 and Note - Samsung Galaxy S10 now gets One UI 2.1 update in the Netherlands including April patch

galaxy s10 one ui 2.1 camera professional video

galaxy s10 one ui 2.1 single shot

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galaxy s10 one ui 2.1 music share

galaxy s10 one ui 2.1 quick share


The update is available from today on all unbranded Galaxy S10 models in the Netherlands and Belgium, including the Galaxy S10e and S10 Plus. Only exception: the new Galaxy S10 Lite, which, as far as we understand, should get the update at a later date. Even with a branded model from Vodafone or T-Mobile you will have to wait a little longer until the update rolls out later this month.

As you know by now, you will automatically receive a notification on your device as soon as you can download the update. Or you don't wait for that, and check the availability directly via Settings -> Software update -> Download and install, of course.

Do you already have One UI 2.1 on your Galaxy S10? Did everything go smoothly?

(Thanks to everyone who reported it to us!)

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