Samsung Galaxy S20 facts: is it waterproof? Yes, no, but …

In recent days we have heard it more often: the question whether the new Samsung Galaxy S20 models are watertight. And as with earlier models, the answer is: "Yes, but …" or actually "no, but …". So what about that?

Samsung Galaxy S20 Waterproof IP68

Samsung Galaxy S20: not waterproof, but water resistant

Galaxy S20 waterproof? Water resistant!

Back then, the Galaxy S5 was Samsung's first top phone with a so-called IP rating. An Ingress Protection rating, which indicates what can penetrate the device under what circumstances. The S5 had an IP67 rating, which meant that it was dustproof and could lie in standing water of a meter deep for a short time. That is not waterproof, but somewhat water resistant.

The Galaxy S6 was as leaky the next year as a basket, but from the Galaxy S7 Samsung went a step further. That device had an IP68 rating. With that you could once again immerse it for half an hour in standing water, but now to a depth of one and a half meters. You understand: the S7 was resistant to a slightly higher water pressure than the S5. The IP68 rating we encountered in the following years in the Galaxy S8, the Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S10. And what do you think? If you have read our Galaxy S20 hands-on preview, you already know: the new devices are also IP68 certified.

Samsung itself repeats the same claims for the Galaxy S20 that we also saw with the S7. The device can lie in fresh (not salt!) Water for 30 minutes at a depth of no more than one and a half meters. You can already feel the rain: no, the Galaxy S20 is simply not waterproof.


You can consider the Galaxy S20 as water-resistant – just like all the recent top devices from Samsung. Is there a splash of water? Does he fall in the sink? Are you calling in the pouring rain? These are all circumstances that the devices must be able to handle. So you don't have to be shocked if your expensive smartphone accidentally has to deal with some water or soda.

It is nevertheless advisable to leave it at that. Do not bathe with it, let alone swim with it. We ourselves have, over the years, repeated underwater pictures with different devices, such as the Galaxy S7 and Note 8. And what do you think? It never turned out to be a really good idea. From reports of moisture in the USB port that persisted for days that the device refuses to charge, to volume keys that refused service for weeks – somehow there were always residual symptoms in some way.

galaxy s20 waterproof: underwater photos with galaxy s7 1

galaxy s20 waterproof: underwater photos with galaxy s7 2

galaxy s20 waterproof: underwater photos with galaxy s7 3

Photos that our Galaxy S7 was almost fatal at the time, and that were still lying around somewhere so that we can show here how useless that was

You do not have to rely on a guarantee after that, of course. Finally, there is a good chance that frequent frequent movements of water will make the water pressure too high – higher than normal at a depth of one and a half meters, where the pressure is of course not very high. And in the fast-flowing water of the local stream…. well, you get it.

Ultimately, this is an extensive way of saying that the Galaxy S20, S20 Plus and Galaxy S20 Ultra are NOT waterproof. But resistant to puddles, rain and a glass of water. That's nice, but don't overdo it.

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