Samsung Galaxy S20 may also be available in red later

Earlier this week, Samsung launched the Galaxy S20 series in various colors, but not in red. However, a red version of the S20 and S20 Plus appears to be in the pipeline.

samsung galaxy s20 red

Galaxy S20 in red

As always, Samsung brings the different Galaxy S20 models in various color variants to the market. So you can buy the "basic version" of the Galaxy S20 in gray, pink and blue. For the S20 Plus you can choose from a gray, blue and black variant. The Galaxy S20 Ultra is currently available in black and gray.

Nevertheless, it is also normal that Samsung will release more color variants of a telephone a few times later. It seems that one of these versions will be a red Galaxy S20. The press images of an Aura Red version of the S20 and S20 Plus popped up, and a photo – including red Galaxy Buds + – can also be seen on a Korean Instagram account. A photo of the red S20 Plus is also coming from China.

galaxy s20 plus red photo

In the Netherlands

According to Twitterer @Sudhanshu it is already clear that the red Galaxy S20 (Plus) will be released in Europe. This means that there is also a good chance that you will be able to purchase it in the Netherlands sooner or later. This does not apply, for example, to a white device version, which is said to be exclusive to a South Korean provider.

Of course we do not yet know when Samsung will launch the red Galaxy S20 models in Europe and / or the Netherlands. It is not likely that it will happen before the official release in March. So keep in mind that you have to wait until much later in the spring, if you want your device to be in red. Also good to know: the Galaxy S20 Ultra has not been spotted in the red jacket at all.

And what about the red Galaxy Buds?

Indeed, those red Buds. They have already been officially announced in some countries, but not yet in the Netherlands or in other European countries. With a bit of luck coming that also to our country at a later time – whether or not simultaneously with the red Galaxy S20 Plus.

Do you want to order one of the existing versions of the Galaxy S20 series now? Then check the pre-order options at Samsung's own shop HERE. With the S20 Plus and Ultra you currently even get a free set of Galaxy Buds +. You can also check our extensive Galaxy S20 pre-order overview.

aura red samsung galaxy s20 plus red

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