"Samsung Galaxy S21 will not launch until February anyway"

Samsung may not be planning to unveil the Galaxy S21 series in January. New rumors claim this, which directly contradicts previous reports.

Samsung Galaxy S21 Feb Unpacked

Galaxy S21 launch and release only in February?

We have been hearing reports for some time that Samsung wants to launch the Galaxy S21 series a month earlier on previous Galaxy S phones. The South Koreans would have all kinds of good reasons to put their next generation of top phones on the market a little earlier. However, as befits a good rumor circuit, there are conflicting sounds as well.

It could just be that Samsung will not launch the Galaxy S21, S21 +, and Galaxy S21 Ultra in January at all. A reliable source from AndroidHeadlines says it is aware of other plans of the South Korean telephone manufacturer. According to this source, the next Unpacked is really only on the agenda in February.

Of course that doesn't sound illogical either. Not only is January already busy enough in the electronics field with the American CES fair, which this time takes place entirely digitally. Processor Bakker Qualcomm has not yet given a word about its new Snapdragon 875 processor, which should be released earlier than usual to make a Galaxy S21 possible in January.

Moreover, almost not a year goes by without rumors about top phones that this time really – really! – will come on the market earlier. And this hardly ever happens. You could therefore say that it should not surprise anyone if Samsung decides to unveil the Galaxy S21 only in February. It is only logical that the actual release will follow that month, or even in March.

So there are reasons for Samsung to release the S21 series in January. And there are reasons to believe that it will not happen that early in 2021 at all.

And thus?

How the fork is in the stem is evident. We will probably know more within a few weeks. Samsung is currently sending out invitations to its Unpacked events about a month before they take place. If the Galaxy S21 is launched in mid-January, we will see the invitations for the event appear no later than mid-December.

If December passes without such an invitation, it is clear that the Galaxy S21 will not make its debut until February.

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