Samsung is going to “copy” another great Apple thing

Apple companies have been flourishing lately, iPhone sales are rising and there are rumors that if Apple is the first to effectively expand the 5G smartphone, it will gain a definite lead over Samsung and all other brands. Indeed, it is the South Korean manufacturer that looks at the strategy of the California giant and I would like to inspire her in the long run. First of all, in terms of services that will bring Apple over $ 50 billion a year into the box. Gone are those times when only products were copied.

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  Jiří Filip Oct 29, 2019 5

If something does Apple well, then it's diversification and portfolio diversity. After all, until recently, apple phones seemed pale, and the next generation had poured new blood into this line of smartphones and drove the company's growth by a few tens of percent. Nevertheless, it is necessary to have a reserve, which the technology giant is very well aware of, and so he deals with the service segment as thoroughly as the iPhone and other apple devices. Indeed, it is Apple's diverse services that make it worth up to $ 50 billion a year, which is not a small amount. Samsung South Korea has not been very happy in terms of sales for the past few months, so the manufacturer looks at a similar path that the apple company has taken a few years ago. According to the CEO, Samsung also wants to focus on the user experience and offer customers more than just a device.


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“We have a lot of new technologies. First we have to think of a product that people want to use, then innovate it, and then come up with a monetization model that will make us money. It is the middle part, ie innovation, that is most important and lasts 2 to 3 years. We want to do the same with the upcoming services, ”said Samsung's CEO. While Apple is slightly more conservative in this regard, the Asian giant has invested most of the money in the latest technologies, including artificial intelligence, 5G networks, cloud platforms, and SmartThings. The latter service, which Samsung purchased in 2014, is intended to allow potential earnings and some form of subscription, according to the company's representatives.

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  Pavel Jelič

Not surprisingly, the company opted for a different approach, as the number of South Korean flagship flagships delivered is expected to increase by only one to two percent in the foreseeable future, which Samsung will not save in the long run. That is why, with the hope in the eyes of Samsung, it is precisely for subscriptions and individual services that would supply the company with additional income in bad times. However, this is certainly not a bad idea and this step could save the company a nice number of inconveniences. After all, the possibility of getting some extra dollar is several, including an agreement between Samsung and payment companies such as MasterCard, or through mobile payments. In the case of the former, it would be sufficient for the South Korean producer to obtain, for example, 1-2% of each payment made, which would pay off to the technology giant. The same is true of phone transactions where Samsung has been around for some time with the Samsung Pay platform, which is a direct competitor to Apple Pay. Alternatively, the company could offer services such as Apple Arcade, Music or TV +. We will see how the company will deal with this problem.

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