Samsung is now going to accommodate all foldables in the Galaxy Z series

After the Galaxy Fold, Samsung launched the Galaxy Z Flip yesterday. The latter appears to herald the naming of all the South Korean foldables. The Galaxy Z series will soon be home to all clap, flap and flip phones.

samsung galaxy z flip officially

Samsung Galaxy Z series: all foldable under one Z

The launch of the Galaxy Z Flip – available from next week – appears to bring a hidden scoop. It is the first device in Samsung's new Galaxy Z series. That is the series where all foldables will be found in the future. Bloomberg learned that in conversation with a Samsung spokesperson.

According to Samsung, the name Galaxy Z would fit intuitively with a foldable. In addition, the name apparently also exudes a dynamic, youthful feeling. That may not yet be entirely in line with the target group that can afford sight devices from € 1500 to € 2000 – yes, excuse for the blunt prejudices here – but of course those prices will sooner or later drop.

The name Galaxy V may have been a good option, but Samsung used it for a mediocre device that never appeared in Europe. The same applies to the illustrious name Galaxy X, which was once used in Brazil for a local Galaxy Nexus variant.

We still have to speculate wildly about the name of the upcoming Galaxy Fold 2. We were able to tell you that a true successor to the first Galaxy Fold is being made last week. He will then go through life as the…. Galaxy Z Fold? Galaxy Z-without-something? Who knows may say.

In any case, you can soon order the Galaxy Z Flip in our country, although it is still a bit of a wait where exactly. It is also possible that this device – suggested retail price € 1500 – will only be available on the market through a limited number of stores. Anyone who wants to buy the Galaxy Fold is confronted with the same "problem", finally.

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