Samsung is now testing Android 11 on the Galaxy S20 (Ultra)

Samsung has started testing Android 11 on the Galaxy S20 series. In any case, such a test on the Galaxy S20 Ultra now seems confirmed.

Samsung is now testing Android 11 on the Galaxy S20 - Samsung is now testing Android 11 on the Galaxy S20 (Ultra)

Samsung is testing Android 11 on the Galaxy S20 Ultra

Very early in the year, a Galaxy S10 surfaced with a test version of Android 11. However, after that it remained silent around the South Korean phone builder and the next major Android upgrade. But now the work is really underway, as colleagues from SamMobile and a member of the XDA forum confirm.

To be precise, it is – unsurprisingly – the Galaxy S20 series for which it works seems the most advanced. Nobody should be surprised about the fact that the S20 Ultra is the spearhead. Last year, the same tests for the Galaxy S10 with Android 10 were also spotted for the first time in late July.

It is expected that Samsung will also launch its One UI 3.0 interface at the same time as Android 11. It is not yet known which new functions or design changes the new software will bring. A beta test will change that later this year, but we have to wait for that. Samsung's beta tests won't start until October – at least in previous years.

Android 11 itself is currently also in the beta phase. Google is expected to release the system officially by September. In 2019, the first public Android 10 update for the Galaxy S10 started in late November. For the sake of convenience, we assume that the planning for the Galaxy S20 and Android 11 will not look very different. At least until evidence to the contrary shows up.

It is clear that it will take a while before you can install Android 11 on your Galaxy S20. That the upgrade is currently being tested does not change that.

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