Samsung T5 Portable SSD-The Update Of Portable Storage

My colleague recently bought a Samsung T5 portable SSD, which is Samsung PSSD in short. It is quite convenient to store and carry data with PSSD.
Compared with traditional HDD, PSSD retains the characteristics of SSD itself, such as “lightweight”, “shockproof” and “high speed”.

Samsung T5 portable SSD
Samsung T5 portable SSD

Samsung T5 has a full metal body, feels very delicate. It has an anti-shock feature. Samsung’s official said after dropping from a height of 2 meters, it will not be damaged. And data security can be guaranteed.

Samsung T5 portable SSD
Samsung T5 portable SSD

The entire SSD has only one Type-C interface Two lines, a Type-C to Type-C and a Type-C to Type-A are included. You can use them in different usage scenarios.

How small is T5? The picture above is a comparison with the common U disk (SanDisk Ultra) and iPhone X. The dimensions are 7457.310.5mm, which is smaller than the ordinary business card. Weighing about 51 grams, a small cup of tea.

My colleague also has a small bag, perfect to put Samsung T5 portable SSD with two wires. However, it is a little thicker. In fact, it has been enough to have only one wire with the SSD. Anyway, you will not be afraid to fall anyway.

Samsung T5 portable SSD has Samsung V-NAND flash memory and USB3.1 Gen2 interface. They can provide 540MB/s transmission speed.

One thing needs to specify. USB 3.X is actually a transport specification. Abd type-C is actually an interface type. USB3.0, USB3.1 Gen1, USB3.1 Gen2 are all 3 prefixes. But the difference in transmission speed is still very huge. The maximum transfer rate of USB 3.0 and USB 3.1 Gen1 can reach the theoretical bandwidth of 5Gb/s. The maximum transfer rate of USB3.1 Gen2 can reach 10Gb/s.

Samsung T5 portable SSD Summary

Pros: Small shape. Good feels. Easy to carry. Fast speed.

Cons: High price. Does not has IP68.

Samsung T5 is a good choice to upgrade your mobile storage.

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