Samsung The Freestyle pre-order: now with free Travel Case and Galaxy Buds 2

If you pre-order Samsung's new The Freestyle projector now, you'll get a travel case and Galaxy Buds 2 for free. The striking, handy projector will officially appear in Dutch stores on 13 February.

Samsung The Freestyle pre-order

Although we mainly focused on the launch of the Galaxy S21 FE in early January, Samsung unveiled another striking gadget during the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. The somewhat abstract name The Freestyle does not hide a rapper, but a portable projector.

The Freestyle is a projector that stands on a rotating pedestal. As a result, you can have it projected in all directions: straight up, above your bed, but also against a wall, or on a table. It is quite compact, weighing only 800 grams.

The Freestyle has automatic keystone correction, autofocus, and leveling, so that the projection is always neatly adapted to the position/shape of the projection surface. Thanks to color calibration, this surface does not even have to be beautifully white. The Freestyle can project images with a diagonal of up to 100 inches – 2.5 meters – at a distance of 2.7 meters.

You can read, play games, watch a movie, but also project a starry sky on your ceiling – just to name a few. The Freestyle is equipped with Samsung's smart TV functions, so that you can immediately start working with Netflix, YouTube, Videoland, etc.

The device does not have its own battery. You can use it by connecting it to a charger in the socket via a USB cable, or to a power bank. In the latter case, it becomes very mobile, so that you can use it in all kinds of less obvious places. It even has a speaker built in, so you always have sound – even without external headphones or speakers.

Samsung freestyle with free travel case and galaxy buds 2

Free travel case and Galaxy Buds 2: that's how it works

From now on you can pre-order The Freestyle for €999. If you do this before the official release on February 13, you will receive two handy gifts: a travel case and a set of Galaxy Buds 2 earphones. This action works as follows:

You order The Freestyle during the pre-order period: from January 20 to February 12
If you do this at Samsung's own shop HERE, you will receive the travel case and Buds 2 immediately. You don't have to do anything more.
You can also pre-order The Freestyle at Coolblue HERE, HERE, and soon at the MediaMarkt HERE.
If you do this, you will receive your pre-order gifts after registering on Samsung's promotion page HERE. You do this no later than 28 February.
After receiving your copy, you must upload a copy of the receipt/invoice, and a photo of the barcode on the promotion page. The model code, EAN code, and serial number must be legible on it.
Do you want help with the registration? You can get this from Samsung itself via the promotion page mentioned.
Samsung indicates that it aims to send the travel case and Buds 2 within 6 weeks after registration.
We at cannot answer questions about your participation in the promotion. You have to submit this to Samsung.

PLEASE NOTE: you can only get the pre-order gifts if you order your The Freestyle at the listed stores:

Samsung Shop (travel case and Galaxy Buds 2 are included directly)

Coolblue (gifts after registration) (gifts after registration)

MediaMarkt (gifts after registration)

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