Samsung wants its own processor, a former Apple expert behind Apple Silicony will help him with it

It seems that the success of Apple and its M1 processors of its own design also inspires other computer manufacturers, who also do not want to be dependent on what Qualcomm invents and manufactures for them, resp. TSMC or other microprocessor manufacturers. As it turns out now, after less than two years, Samsung flirts again with the idea of ​​its own processors.

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Samsung disbanded its processor development division in November 2019, primarily due to failure to meet expectations regarding the performance of its own design chips. However, this is now changing, as according to foreign sources, Samsung has begun to recruit experts in the field of microprocessor design on a large scale, directly from the ranks of former Apple and AMD employees.

Even the iMac has already received a chip from Apple

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first impressions 24 "imac 2021 imac_24_2021_prvni_dojmy15

first impressions 24 "imac 2021 imac_24_2021_prvni_dojmy14

first impressions 24 "imac 2021 imac_24_2021_prvni_dojmy13 +18 Photos

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first impressions 24 "imac 2021 imac_24_2021_prvni_dojmy11

first impressions 24 "imac 2021 imac_24_2021_prvni_dojmy10

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first impressions 24 "imac 2021 imac_24_2021_prvni_dojmy2

first impressions 24 "imac 2021 imac_24_2021_prvni_dojmy1

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Samsung allegedly managed to acquire a key Apple employee, who was significantly involved in the development of chips from the Apple Silicon family. He should be the leader of the emerging team, whose task will be to come up with competitive processors that Samsung will be able to use in its smartphones, tablets and potentially other devices.

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Samsung allegedly decided to take this step because the company is not satisfied with the performance of the new chips from the Cortex-X family. In the field of processors, Samsung is already working with Google to design its own chip and with AMD to integrate the RDNA 2 architecture into Exynos chips.

A brand new processor of its own design will be introduced in the near future by Qualcomm, who worked on it together with people from Nuvia, which Qualcomm bought and founded by former Apple engineers – who, of course, participated in the development of the M1 processor. Only time will tell if the upcoming silicon news will succeed in what Apple did with SoC M1 last year.

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