Samsung will also bring One UI 2.5 from the Note 20 to the Galaxy S20

Samsung will launch the Galaxy Note 20 with One UI version 2.5 next month. It seems that the Galaxy S20 series will soon be upgraded to the same version – even before Android 11.

Samsung will also bring One UI 2.5 from the Note - Samsung will also bring One UI 2.5 from the Note 20 to the Galaxy S20

Galaxy S20 also gets One UI 2.5

Only yesterday we reported that Samsung is testing Android 11 on the Galaxy S20. That update will come in the fourth quarter, but before then the South Koreans will probably have a major update in store for the devices.

The Galaxy Note 20 will be launched in less than two weeks. That device then runs on Android 10, with One UI 2.5. Devices such as the S20 are currently running on One UI 2.1, but will soon also receive version 2.5, according to Twitter users IceUniverse and Max Weinbach.

Of course we don't know what One UI 2.5 will distinguish from the previous versions. We will only find out what new or updated functions this version of Samsung's interface contains on August 5. Then Unpacked event takes place where the Note 20 is unveiled.

Incidentally, Android 11 will most likely come with One UI version 3.0. The Galaxy S20 will therefore receive a lot of new features in the coming months – which of course does not mean that they are all equally useful.

It is not yet known whether other devices will also receive an update to One UI 2.5, before the upgrade to Android 11 and One UI 3.0. That is yet to become apparent in the coming weeks or months. It is more or less clear which Samsung phones will get the update to Android 11 – check our overview HERE.

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