Samsung will show Galaxy Store ads including explanations on how to disable them

In some countries, Samsung shows advertisements via its own apps, such as the Galaxy Store. Whatever you think of that, the ad itself now also immediately shows how you can disable the conscious notifications.

samsung ads explaining how to disable

The explanation of the advertisement on our German Galaxy S20

Samsung shows explanation to disable Galaxy Store ads

There is a lot to do around showing ads on smartphones. There is also a lot of confused and confusing reporting about Samsung phones. Recent U.S. coverage confused reminders for discounts that users had received on their device with normal advertising, for example. However, notifications may appear via the Galaxy Store for promotions or discounts that are not part of a deal for your device itself. Samsung now immediately provides an explanation of how to switch it off.

On one of our own German devices, an ad recently appeared for discounts on in-app purchases for a game in the Galaxy Store. Fortunately, it is possible to disable these notifications – the ad itself shows you how to do this.

samsung ad explaining how to switch off

Disable samsung ad in galaxy store 1

disable samsung ad in galaxy store 2

disable samsung ad in galaxy store 3

disable samsung ad in galaxy store 4

Under the ad itself you can read that you have to go to Settings in the Galaxy Store, so that you can turn off the 'switch' at Marketing selection. If you have done this, the Galaxy Store will no longer show notifications about discounts or offers.

Incidentally, many Samsung apps themselves are equipped with such a "service". With that, reminders can indeed be shown for deals that belong to your device, such as (temporary) free subscriptions for an app or service. You can always disable it in the individual apps, or all at once. You do the latter if you go to Privacy via the Settings and tap Custom service there. In this menu, you can disable notifications for all apps at the same time by turning off the switch behind Custom service.

Have you ever seen such advertisements on your Dutch Galaxy? And did you receive the same explanation?

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