Secret Codes for iPhone: 6 codes that give you access to hidden features

In the Settings of our iPhone, we can change the preferences of virtually everything we may need. But did you know that virtually every mobile phone manufacturer adds “secret codes” to their devices so you can see settings that you wouldn't normally get? You can simply activate these hidden codes by opening the Phone app and then moving to the Dialer section in the bottom menu. Below you will find the most interesting secret codes for the iPhone that may come in handy.

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* # 06 #


hidden iphone codes skryte_kody_iphone15

hidden iphone codes skryte_kody_iphone2
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If you enter this covered code in the dial, you will see the device information in different numbers. The most interesting are the International Mobile Equipment Identity (IMEI) numbers, a unique number assigned to your device by the manufacturer. If you have an iPhone that has multiple SIM card slots (eSIM counts, of course), two IMEI numbers will be displayed. In this menu you can also view the EID and MEID.

3001 # 12345


hidden iphone codes skryte_kody_iphone3

hidden iphone codes skryte_kody_iphone4

hidden iphone codes skryte_kody_iphone5

hidden iphone codes skryte_kody_iphone6
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This secret code may be familiar to you if you've ever used it on an older iOS device. If you entered and enabled it in the older iOS version, the exact signal strength value was displayed instead of the dots representing the signal strength. Unfortunately, we don't have that option in newer iOS versions, but you can still use this code to see the exact signal strength, along with much more information about the network to which iPhone is connected. The information here is constantly updated, so you can see how your iPhone "works" on the network as you go.

* # 33 #


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hidden iphone codes skryte_kody_iphone8
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With this hidden code, you can easily check outgoing call barring, mobile data usage and text messaging. To check your service blocking status, just enter * # 33 #. If you want to activate the blocking of the above mentioned services, enter the code * 33 * pin # (of course replace the pin with the PIN code for your SIM card). To deactivate the blocking, simply enter the code * 33 * pin #, replacing the PIN here with your SIM card PIN.

* # 43 #


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hidden iphone codes skryte_kody_iphone10
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If you decide to dial this number, you can simply check the status for multiple calls on one line. This function allows you to activate the function to hang up or answer a second call if one is already in progress. There is also an option to set the ongoing call on hold. To check the status of your settings, dial * # 43 #. To activate the functions mentioned above, dial * 43 #, then deactivate # 43 #.

* # 21 #


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With this secret code, you can quickly set up call forwarding. This is useful, for example, when a person is in a meeting and cannot receive calls. With this code you can set all incoming calls to be diverted to another phone number. To check the status of call forwarding, dial * # 21 #. To activate call forwarding, dial * # 67 #. If you want to disable the feature, enter * # 62 #. You can then use the code ## 002 # to block all redirection services.

# 31 #


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hidden iphone codes skryte_kody_iphone14
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Even this hidden code is very popular because it can hide your identity, your phone number. So if you want to shoot someone, or for other reasons you need to hide your phone number, you can use this code. To use this feature, you only need to dial # 31 # phone number, replacing the phone number with the number you want to call. The Unknown Caller ID is then displayed to the other party. If you dial # 31 # on the dialer, you can check the display status of your identity.

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