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What many of us have been waiting for in December is finally here. Just like last year, Spotify released Wrapped 2019. This is your 2019 music year in a nutshell and shows you, for example, what artist we listened to most, what song became your favorite, and how many minutes of throughout the year you have been listening to music through Spotify. In addition, you'll also be able to play the playlist of the songs you listened to most. Spotify released the music year in a nutshell for 2019 a few minutes ago. However, within a few hours 'results' from different users will circulate across all social networks.

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If you want to create your Spotify Wrapped 2019, just go to the website dedicated to this event using this link. If you aren't signed in, sign in to your account, then click Let’s Do It to allow Wrapped 2019 to access your account. Now you can simply slide your finger to see the summary Spotify has prepared for you. The first slides are divided into seasons along with a picture of which artists you listened to most. You can then look at your favorite artist along with how long you've listened to. Then, of course, you will also see other artists. There is also a depiction of the countries where the artists come from, and last but not least, you can also see the songs you listened to most.





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Among other things, the Spotify app's homepage will display a playlist titled Your Top Songs 2019 featuring a hundred of your TOP songs in 2019. Together with this playlist, you'll also see a Best of the Decade For You playlist featuring your best " decades'. With Wrapped 2019, you can simply remember the year 2019. It would certainly be nice if such summaries were made by more social networks such as Instagram or Facebook.

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