Selective mailing of global stable firmware for Redmi 6

Selective mailing of global stable firmware for Redmi 6 - Selective mailing of global stable firmware for Redmi 6

Dear owners of Redmi 6! Random users began to receive Global stable firmware MIUI V11.0.1.0.PCGMIXM. If you are in a random sample, you will be able to update. To do this, go to the Update application on your phone and check for updates.


The mailing is via OTA updates and may not contain the change log.

The distribution of the link to this firmware and to the list of changes is considered to be the source, which can lead to a ban.

The further direction of the firmware may be paused, so you may not be updated if you want to stay on a stable version. In that case, wait for the release for everyone.


If you do not receive the update by air, it may have been delayed or suspended due to errors found.

If you find any critical errors, please describe them here in the comments!

Please note:

Don't ask, it's worth updating. This is a regular stable firmware, only you got it a little earlier than other users.

The exact time of changing the status of the firmware from the sample for the participants of the Mi Pilot program to the sample for all (to which everyone is accustomed), no one reports – it depends on the results of testing and errors detected.

While there are no critical issues with the firmware, a public release is expected within one to two weeks, so please do not flood with the question of when you can download it.

About possible comments "There was a message about the update, I check, but it is not present."

This is a selective mailing list. If, according to the system, you did not react too quickly to the notification, then the dedicated automatic slot for you to upgrade to another random user. The alerts may either reappear, or you may have to wait for the firmware release for all.

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