Siri can now be used to control Spotify on Apple Watch

If you own the Apple Watch, use the Spotify app on them, and at the same time enjoy chatting with Siri from time to time, we have great news for you. After last year we saw the integration of the Apple Assistant into the mobile version of Spotify, the company has now released the same name update, which added support for Siri and Apple Watch version.

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Amaya Tomanová Mar 23, 2020 0

Siri on Apple Watch will operate Spotify in much the same way as on iPhone. Once activated, it will be enough to invite her to do so, ending it with the words “on Spotify” and the action you want will be performed at once. This makes the app even more useful for athletes and drivers who use Spotify via Siri very often to keep their hands free.





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The update that Siri brings to Spotify on Apple Watch is 8.5.52 and is available for watches with watchOS 6. This is, in a way, Apple's additional concession to Spotify, which it has recently refused to provide SiriKit for service manageability refused to provide to preserve some exclusivity of Apple Music features. The whole dispute from mere verbal shootings slowly moved to the court, but eventually failed to even decide, as Apple reconsidered its position and Siri admitted to Spotify.

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