Smart quarantine does not work: The Slovak government was surprised that Apple did not approve the application in 24 hours

Slovakia has one of the lowest numbers of coronavirus covid-19 infections in the European Union, on the other hand, it is due to the strictest conditions for the functioning of citizens. Among other things, every Slovak or foreigner returning to the Slovak Republic from abroad to the so-called state quarantine, where he is taken to a facility where he waits to be tested for covid-19 and then waits until the test is negative. As a rule, this wait lasts a total of 3 to 4 days. The joke is that, for example, the sister of our programmer, who works as a flight attendant on an ocean liner and has a permanent residence in Bratislava, arrived at the border crossing in Rusovce (part of Bratislava) and from there the police took her to quarantine in Poprad, where she was told that she is to return to Bratislava as she pleases, but no one will take her back.

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Roman Zavřel March 11, 2020 4

These problems were to be prevented by the so-called smart quarantine, which should work on the principle of an application whose barcode (QR code) is scanned from the mobile phone of the returnee of the Slovak Police when entering the country and then it is possible to monitor in your home. Thanks to clever quarantine, state quarantine could be avoided. The Government of the Slovak Republic, headed by Mr. Matovič, strongly announced that the service will be operational from Friday 22 May 2020 from 3 pm. The problem is that she announced this without any possibility so that she could ensure the functionality of the service.

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According to information from the government's official Slovak website dedicated to covide-19, was tested by the state and sent to the state for approval until 21 May 2020 (the press release informs about this information with a title on the website, but unfortunately the click is not functional, therefore, the printer cannot be opened). After 10 years of devoting myself to Apple on a daily basis, I can say with a clear conscience that I don't know the application or the developer to whom Apple would approve the application in 24 hours. Apple itself points out that approval takes several days.

Unfortunately, the Slovak government has informed citizens that from 3 pm today, everything will be functional and people can travel back to Slovakia without having to quarantine the state. The consequence of what has happened is the now blocked border with Austria, where people are waiting for the application to be used, but this will most likely be possible on Monday at the earliest. The result of this step is an anti-conflict team at the country's borders and a lot of angry citizens. At the same time, it was enough to write so little – for example, in a press release that the approval of the application is fully within the competence of Apple. However, nothing like this happened, which the Slovak government will enjoy in full sips in the following hours and days,

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