Some lucky people have already arrived iPads Pro M1. What does their packaging look like and what do they say on the display?

Although the official start of sales of the recently introduced iPads Pro M1 is not scheduled until Friday, May 21, which will bring new iMacs and Apple TVs as well, some lucky foreigners have already received the news. As usual, some sellers made mistakes and as soon as they received their stocks from Apple, they started distributing them instead of waiting until Friday. Thanks to that, we can get the first picture of the news well in advance.

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IPad Pro M1 package m1-ipad-pro-early-customer

apple_ipad-pro-spring21_magic-keyboard-side-white_04202021 apple_ipad-pro-spring21_magic-keyboard-side-white_04202021

apple_ipad-pro-spring21_m1-luma-fusion_04202021 apple_ipad-pro-spring21_m1-luma-fusion_04202021

apple_ipad-pro-spring21_liquid-xdr-display-photos_04202021 apple_ipad-pro-spring21_liquid-xdr-display-photos_04202021 +6 Photos

apple_ipad-for-spring21_ipad-for-magic-keyboard-2up_04202021 apple_ipad-for-spring21_ipad-for-magic-keyboard-2up_04202021

apple_ipad-pro-spring21_hero_04202021 apple_ipad-pro-spring21_hero_04202021

apple_ipad-pro-spring21_clips-ar-spaces_04202021 apple_ipad-pro-spring21_clips-ar-spaces_04202021

apple_ipad-pro-spring21_camera_04202021 apple_ipad-pro-spring21_camera_04202021

apple_ipad-pro-spring21_5g-connectivity_04202021 apple_ipad-pro-spring21_5g-connectivity_04202021
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One of the lucky ones boasted of his catch – specifically the 12.9 ”model – on Reddit, who secured it through the Nebraska Furniture Mart store on the day of the start of pre-orders. And he obviously stocked it very soon and handed it over to him right away. As for the packaging, which you can see in the first photo in the gallery next to this paragraph, Apple, as usual, did not experiment in it. You can see the iPad with the display facing up, which shows one of its default wallpapers, which we could see, for example, during its introduction. If you are interested in the first impressions of a lucky guy from the news, they are generally positive. The mini-LED Liquid Retina XDR display, which is supposed to be absolutely great to look at, earned the most praise, especially thanks to the amazing black and great rendering of other colors. The iPad also achieved excellent results in the first performance tests, but so far only through measuring instruments such as Geekbench and Antutu. So only time will tell how good he will be in the real world.

You can pre-order the new iPads Pro M1 here on Alza You can pre-order the new iPads Pro M1 on Mobil Emergency here

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