Sony History: Japanese quality for the global consumer

Sony History Japanese quality for the global consumer - Sony History: Japanese quality for the global consumer

The Japanese corporation Sony has become one of the leaders in the production of high-tech electronics for half a century. The brand's technique can be found in almost every home, whether it is a TV, player, smartphone or the famous playstation console. The corporation has offices all over the world, and thanks to the Internet, you can buy reliable products manufactured by the company without leaving home.

From where it all began

Sony technology came to light thanks to physicist Akio Morita and engineer Masaru Ibuka: friends in 1946 set up an electronics manufacturing company. The newly acquired company was named "Tokyo Telecommunication Engineering Corporation", which only in 1955 changed to the usual "Sony". The reason – it was too difficult for foreigners to pronounce the name. Even then, the creators focused on the western market, although it was not immediately possible to find a niche in the business.

The first development was an electric rice cooker, then a cushion with electric heating. 1950 was a breakthrough: Sony released the first tape recorder. A skillful marketing company presented a novelty on the market not just as a toy, but a useful thing.

After purchasing a license for a transistor, Sony only continued its growth. Pocket radio, the world's first transistor first and then portable TV – thanks to these releases, the company became the first company in Japan to be listed on the New York Stock Exchange, and 15 years after its founding.

Brand philosophy

There are several reasons for explaining the success of Sony:

innovative strategies;
organized management system;
priority is given to research and development.

The items combine into a well-developed brand philosophy that has guided creators to success from the earliest days. Even then, the founders shared responsibilities: Masaru engineer was engaged in the development, and enterprising Akio organized the creation of the company image.

With the growth of the company, the principle of separation remained: the structure included certain groups, each of which had its functions. Thanks to this, Sony stores have provided a huge selection of modern devices. At the same time, management devoted up to 85% of the time to the development of new goods. Such separation and rapid reaction to new technologies, the development of the Internet made possible the emergence of breakthrough products such as VCR, Walkman audio player, PlayStation game console and many others.

Sony smartphones – practical, profitable, reliable

Sony stylish and functional smartphones are a frequent choice of buyers: Ukrainians choose Japanese "tubes" for the following reasons:

image quality – displays use technologies developed for Sony TVs;
camera and music are criteria by which models of teenagers, young people, as well as bloggers, fans of mobile photography are often selected;
protection – Sony smartphones are not afraid of moisture and dust;
battery capacity – Power saving modes further extend battery life.

The company introduced the first mobile phone in 1996. It was Sony who first paid attention to quality music playback and a good camcorder in the phone, after which smartphones slowly began to replace cameras and mp3 players. Among the popular modern lines is the Sony Xperia, launched in 2008. Thanks to the stock version of Android, the operation lags much less often. Other features of the series include stylish design, original firmware, additional protection against external factors and hacking, reasonable price for Japanese quality.

Sony today

To this day, the dignity of the brand is the reliability and functionality of the devices. The company pays a lot of attention to topical issues, such as solving environmental problems. The global goal is to achieve zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050.

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