Speed ​​test: How is the iPhone with 1st beta iOS 13.4.5 versus iOS 13.4

Although we have seen a sharp version of iOS 13.4 a week ago, Apple has rushed to the first beta with a relatively unusual numbered version of iOS 13.4.5. The average user is interested in how the version will perform in the battery speed and battery life test. The first attribute brings us answers as usual channel iAppleBytes, which compared the fluency of both systems on the iPhone SE, 6s, 7, 8 and XR.


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On the iPhone SE, the system runs on both devices almost at the same time. The fluency is regularly suggested by third-party applications, which we always focus on for similar articles. Apps like YouTube and Twitter work faster on the first bet, but with Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook and Apollo for Reddit we can see faster launches on the current iOS 13.4. The operating system will start up on the iPhone 6s earlier on the first bet, in about a second. However, beta does not build good on apps, since earlier launches can only be seen on YouTube and Twitter.

Next comes the iPhone 7, where the iOS 13 home screen can be seen earlier on iOS 13.4. A similar song sounds when opening apps, except for Snapchat, all apps will show up earlier on the current iOS. However, it is necessary to add that the results of Instagram and Facebook are comparable. The system will also run on the current system on the iPhone 8 earlier, but the difference is negligible. Here, the result is balanced, as approximately the same number of applications will run faster either on the first bet or on iOS 13.4. The youngest in speed tests is the regular iPhone XR, where we see the home screen earlier on iOS 13.4. Here, the work of the applications is comparable, but we would expect that due to the age of hardware. As a test, you can take a picture of yourself in the attached video.

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Jiří Filip 21 hours 10 minutes ago

The results are not fame, but this is the first bet, so Apple is expected to work on tuning for some time. The question mark hangs over battery life as many users complain about this attribute. This test can also be seen on the channel. If it is done, we will surely let you know about it.

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