Spotify comes with its own version of Clubhouse. What does it look like and how to use it?

Spotify launched a brand new app last week to compete with Clubhouse. The novelty is called Greenroom, it offers audio chat functions with the possibility of watching the creators, and we will talk in our article today how it actually works, how you can use it, and whether it is worth downloading at all.

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Jan Vajdák 22 May 2021 8

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Although the Greenroom application falls under Spotify, you must download it separately in the App Store. The application is free and you do not necessarily need a Spotify account to use it. As with the Clubhouse, you should also perform under your real name at Greenroom, and ideally with your own photo. The Greenroom application was created thanks to the acquisition of Betty Labs by Spotify – this acquisition took place in March this year. Greenroom is available for both iPhone owners and owners of smartphones with the Android operating system. With its appearance, Greenroom strongly resembles Spotify. When you start it for the first time, you will create your own profile in a few steps (so the data from your Spotify account will not be copied), and then you will select the topics of interest that interest you.

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On the main page of the Greenroom application you will find – similarly to the Clubhouse – an overview of all current rooms, by clicking on the button at the bottom of the screen you can start your own broadcast. After entering the room, you can classically sign up for a word by raising your hand, invite new participants, share the room, or join the chat with other participants. In Greenroom, you can also set and customize notifications, or tap the calendar icon in the upper right corner of the main screen to view upcoming events and, if necessary, add them to your calendar. Greenroom also offers the possibility of adding to clubs, searching for individual clubs, and of course also searching for individual users.

Greenroom looks really good. It is clear, easy to use, and those who already have experience with the Clubhouse will welcome the mutual appearance of both applications, thanks to which they will find their way around Greenroom very quickly. The big advantage is also the immediate availability for both Android and iOS, as well as the fact that the room can be created here by anyone with an active account – Spaces from Twittter, for example, offers the possibility to create your own room from a certain number of followers. Spotify also offers a monetization option within its Greenroom platform, which creators can pre-sign up for here. As such, nothing can be read in terms of functionality or design. Let us be surprised to what extent it attracts or does not attract domestic artists.

You can download the Greenroom application for free here.

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