Spotify has again criticized Apple, this time for its Apple One subscription package

The apples had a holiday yesterday, as Apple's September keynote took place. Although many of us are disappointed that the new iPhones were not shown, there was still plenty to see. The company has unveiled the Apple Watch Series 6, Apple Watch SE, 4th generation iPad Air and 8th generation iPad. There are also no software innovations left behind, and we are talking about the Fitness + application and the Apple One service package, which is definitely interesting and the user will save decently thanks to it. But not everyone is happy with Apple One. Almost immediately after the announcement, there was a lot of criticism of Apple, mostly from Spotify.

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Representatives of this most used music streaming service certainly did not take any napkins and accused Apple of monopoly practices. "Apple is again using dominance and unfair practices to put its competitors at a competitive disadvantage. We call on the relevant competition authorities to take swift action against Apple's anti-competitive behavior, which, if left unchecked, will cause irreparable damage to the developer community and jeopardize our collective freedom to listen, learn and create. "

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Although it is too early for early trials, a similar call to the economic authorities, given the legal struggle with Epic, is not exactly appropriate. Although not customary, Apple Spotify responded in a few hours. "Customers can discover and use alternatives to all Apple services. We've shown the world the Apple One because it's great value to our customers and an easy way to discover Apple's services. Our new service saves users money and is ideal for anyone who loves any of our services. Less for more in this case, especially suitable for families. ”Whatever the outcome, Apple One is definitely worth it. You can learn more about this service in one of our previous articles.

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