Spotify is going to copy one of the best features of TikTok

Apparently, Spotify users will soon see interesting news, which the social network TikTok was the first to come up with. This is specifically about the possibility of vertical "swapping" across the content that this music service offers to its users, specifically in order to discover new music. The entire application will be adapted to this.

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Jiří Filip

Nov 23, 2021


In the Spotify for iOS beta, its testers noticed a new menu item called Discover, which hides nothing but a music player playing random, undiscovered music. It will then be up to the listener whether to listen to her or not. just like on Tiktok, he "swims" up or down and skips the song and moves on to the next one. As a result, we will have a very fast opportunity to browse and discover music, which should solidly expand our audience horizons.

Not only that, @Spotify Discover is basically a pared down version of a TikTok-style feed of vertical music videos (likely using their canvas format) that you can like or skip. # NewSpotify

– Messina.eth (@chrismessina) November 24, 2021

Unfortunately, it is not clear at this time when Spotify will come with the use of an element based on TikTok, as it has so far only appeared in one beta. It is therefore quite probable that Spotify is still a few weeks ahead of development before it decides to be officially released. However, if you are already attracted to the news, you can try your luck and apply for beta testing via TestFlight.

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