Steve Jobs' former assistant reveals the only place where Apple's father turned off his phone

Steve Jobs was such an important person that once something of his personal life erupts, fans literally devour the information. He will offer another look at one of the greatest visionaries of our time in his book “Pause. Breathe. Choose: Become the CEO of Your Well-Being “Jobs's former assistant Naz Beheshti. Although the book focuses exclusively on his practice as a wellness coach, he could not fail to recall his times at Apple.

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In the book, for example, the author describes how Steve Jobs relaxed. If he could not be reached and his phone was switched off, he could almost certainly be found in one place. And that in Jony Ivo's office, where the designer exhibited product prototypes. Jobs called them his "toys," and the legendary executive designer's office was quite possibly the only place Jobs turned off the phone. This can only suggest the significance of these visits to him. Former assistant to Steve Jobs also spoke in a weekend interview with CNBC about the balance of the former Apple pilot between his work and private life.

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Amaya Tomanová 20. 2. 2021 0

"It was wrongly said that he was a workaholic and that he was really hard to work with. But sometimes that was the case. He practiced several times a week and maintained strong relationships with his loved ones, "said Beheshti. According to his LinkedIn profile, he worked at Apple in 1999 and 2000, the period between the iMac G3 and the iPod. The book can definitely be interesting, and the story of a former assistant Jobs can give us some fun thoughts. For example, imagine that Steve had to be found urgently. But his phone is off and he melts in Jony Ive's office over the prototypes.

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