Strategy lovers, cheering! You can enjoy Company of Heroes on iPhones in addition to iPads

Fans have been calling for it for years, developers slowly preparing for port creation, and investors rubbing their hands. But orders from above have not come and supporters of the Company of Heroes series have so far experienced radio silence, which has been broken by the final mercy of Feral Interactive. The game was released some time ago on the iPad, which served as a harbinger of the fact that the mobile version is not likely to be far away, but even so the fans were not too hopeful. Fortunately, the game scene can be relieved as the Company of Heroes is targeting iOS and Android by the end of the year.

If you were also eagerly looking at the most successful World War II strategy, Company of Heroes, and we were slowly breaking the stick over this series, we would recommend waiting again. The developers answered the plea and, after many years of delay and hesitant fogging, rushed to the official announcement of the mobile version of the game, which will probably target iOS and Androdi in a few months. Once again, we will experience the landing in Normandy and take on the role of general, who is in charge of two groups of brave soldiers who make their way behind the enemy line and struggling with a proper defensive. Of course, all this does not miss the ornate musical accompaniment, realistic graphics and, above all, a comprehensive strategic approach that you can not do without.


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However, you do not have to worry too much overcrowded control, which you can know for example from the computer version. As with the iPad, the interface developers have won and offer intuitive and efficient controls, so you don't get frustrated. Although the issue is still far away, the price was also published, which climbed to a pleasant 349 crowns. So if you like World War II and like to take a tactical approach, the Company of Heroes might interest you and entertain you for a few tens of hours. The campaign is quite long and offers a number of challenges, including special modes with increased difficulty and other spicy, which you will sweat. So if you have a taste for a not very romantic trip to France, just wait a few months and prepare a ticket for an army express.

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