Swissten 2in1 Cable Review: Charge your Apple Watch and iPhone at the same time

As far as wireless technology is concerned, in this case we can consider the apple society as a kind of pioneer. It was Apple that removed the headphone jack on the iPhone 7 four years ago. This very bold step was very criticized at the time, and people simply did not understand what Apple again allowed itself. But this period lasted only a few months, and later the California giant and other manufacturers of smartphones and devices in general began to follow. At the moment, we are in a situation where all connectors are gradually disappearing.

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Pavel Jelič 20. 9. 2020 13

The current situation regarding wireless charging is tricky

You will currently find only one single connector on most mobile devices, the charging one. In most cases, this is a Lightning connector, along with USB-C. In recent months, moreover, there has been some rumors that Apple should come up with another revolution and soon introduce an iPhone that will have absolutely no connector and will only charge wirelessly. iPhone 12 with this model without a connector, but 99% will not. Thanks to the removal of the connector, it would be possible to completely seal the device, thanks to which we could consider it waterproof. But Apple already has one such similar product in its portfolio – the Apple Watch. This smart apple watch can be easily immersed up to 50 meters deep, which is more than remarkable.

Of course, if you own an Apple Watch, you know how it charges. For those less knowledgeable who are not interested in apple watches, I will mention that they are recharged using a special magnetic cradle. Simply place the Apple Watch on this cradle and charging will begin immediately. So there is absolutely no connector on the body of the Apple Watch, neither on the SIM card nor on the headphones. In the case of the Apple Watch, we already use wireless charging, but in the case of the iPhone and other devices, we will have to wait some more time. The wireless technologies that Apple puts a lot of effort into (see the failed AirPower charging pad) are really perfect in a way. Wireless charging as such is very addictive – just put the device on the charger and it's done, and you don't have to pull a million cables anywhere.

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Exclusive images show what the entrails of the canceled AirPower could have looked like


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Swissten and its products can help with wireless time

If you are the owner of several different devices, you most likely have several different cables pulled out on the bed or on the office desk – charging cable for Mac, HDMI cable for connecting the monitor, charging Lightning cable for iPhone and the other for iPad, then Sync Lightning cable, quite possibly also a USB-C cable and also a cable with a charging cradle for Apple Watch. In order for the work table to look minimalist and simply good, this number of cables must be reduced as much as possible, also due to the limited space for adapters. In these cases, Swissten may come in handy, offering adapters with several outputs with huge power, or a 3in1 cable. A complete novelty is then a charging cable marked 2in1, with which you can simultaneously charge an iPhone or other device with a Lightning connector and an Apple Watch.

Official specifications

This charging cable, which you can use to charge iPhone and Apple Watch together, is simply called 2in1. The power of this cable is divided into two "parts" – the Lightning connector has a charging current of up to 2.4A and the charging power of the cradle for Apple Watch is then 2W. The length of the cable as such is about 120 centimeters. 100 centimeters of single cable is available, and the last 20 centimeters of cable are then split so that you can have your iPhone and Apple Watch at least a little far apart when charging, if needed. On the other side of the cable there is then a classic USB-A input connector. The cable as such is very similar in style to the original charging cable from Apple.

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If you like the concept of the mentioned 2in1 cable and after reading this review, you may decide to buy it, then you definitely want to know how the cable will come to you. The packaging of this cable is absolutely typical for Swissten. So you get a classic white and red box. On its front side there is the cable itself shown together with selected specifications. From the side you will find again further specifications and name, on the back there is an instruction manual. After opening the box, all you have to do is pull out the plastic case, from which you can simply pull the cable out.

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When it comes to processing this 2in1 cable, it's really hard to complain. From my own experience, I can say that a cable is definitely not like a cable. Some cables can be very durable, together with textile braiding, other cables are then classically white and their workmanship resembles the original cables from Apple. In the case of the 2in1 cable, we are talking about the second case, ie that the cable is very similar to the classic charging cable from Apple. The thickness of the cable is still sufficient, even after bifurcation, and the cable should definitely withstand even worse handling, or even passing over a chair – in any case, I definitely do not recommend trying it. The charging cradle of the 2in1 cable is completely identical to the original one, and even in this case there is nothing to complain about. If I were to be really critical, Swissten would take the negative points for the fact that the cable is very twisted after unpacking and does not want to "get used" to its untangled state. However, it is a matter of a few hours before the cable is straightened out of the folded state.

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Personal experience

I must admit that in the past I have resistance to similar cables with a magnetic cradle, unless it is an original Apple cable. I bought a cheap charging cable for the Apple Watch from an unnamed brand, together with a wireless pad on which, in addition to the Apple Watch, it was also possible to charge the iPhone. Due to the fact that both the cable and the wireless pad had the charging cradles solved in an alternative way and they were not original pieces, the Apple Watch charging did not work. After pressing the watch against the non-original cradle, the animation of charging appeared, in any case, Apple Watch did not charge a single percent in an hour. After researching, I found that with the non-original cradle it is possible to charge only Apple Watch Series 3 and older, which was a problem with my Apple Watch Series 4 at that time. So I continued to rely on the original charging cable, and I haven't tried any other form of charging for Apple Watch since.

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With the Swissten 2in1 cable, however, I can confirm with calm that the charging of my Apple Watch Series 4 works without the slightest problem. The great thing in this case is the fact that with this cable you are able to save one USB port in the computer or in the adapter itself, which you can then use for anything else, which is definitely useful. The only thing I might complain about is the weaker magnet of the magnetic cradle. The watch is not pressed as hard on it as in the case of the original one. But this is a detail that I would definitely not address.

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If you have a problem with full sockets at home and you have nowhere else to connect other adapters, you might like not only this Swissten 2in1 cable, thanks to which you can easily charge both Apple Watch and iPhone at the same time. Thanks to this cable, you are able to save one whole USB connector, which can mean one whole plug for "simple" adapters. I have good news even if you need a USB-C PowerDelivery connector instead of a Lightning connector – even such a cable can be found in Swissten's menu. The variant with the Lightning connector costs 399 crowns, the second variant with a USB-C PD costs 449 crowns. In addition to this cable, don't forget to look at other products in the online store – for example, more complex charging adapters, thanks to which you will save additional plugs. next.

You can view the complete offer of the online store using this link
You can buy a Swissten 2in1 cable for Apple Watch with a Lightning connector for 399 crowns here
You can buy a Swissten 2in1 cable for Apple Watch with a USB-C PD connector for 449 crowns here

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