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Yesterday we talked to you about how to improve the sound of models that contain double speakers, this being one of the improvements most valued by users throughout this year in the high-end and mid-range Xiaomi models. Today we are focusing on talking to you about Xiaomi's Taptic Engine vibrating function, a function that Xiaomi began to implement in 2019 with the release of the Xiaomi Mi 9 Pro 5G, its first 5G smartphone that was relegated to the Chinese market.

Thanks to this model and the good feedback received by users, Xiaomi has been implementing it to more models of the company and that is why we come to talk to you about it, so that you can get the most out of it if you have a compatible model and you can check the sensations it transmits. to our hands.

What is Xiaomi's Taptic Engine?

Xiaomi has not discovered anything new, but it has improved what already exists. Xiaomi's Taptic Engine tries to implement 4D vibratory motors in smartphones like the ones that have been implemented in console controls a few years ago, but in a miniaturized version that offers different vibrations when we perform certain functions with the MIUI interface.

The feel in hand is similar to that offered by Xbox One controllers with games that have been optimized to get the most out of it. Depending on what we do and what has been developed we will notice a different vibration in the fingertips.

Xiaomi at this time says that it has implemented a total of 150 different scenes in which the smartphone will vibrate differently when performing different movements with the fingers and the interface. But it is difficult to know where those 150 possibilities are, the most notorious is when we use the keyboard, whatever app we use as a keyboard, MIUI will recognize that we are typing on the screen and offers various types of vibration.

There are supposedly different types of vibration in games, but to differentiate them you must be very attentive.

This vibration motor called Taptic Engine is divided into two groups until now. We found a model called the X-axis that is the best, being added to the high-end models, and the Z-axis model, which is intended for the more modest Redmi and Poco models.

These are the global smartphone models of Xiaomi, Redmi and Poco that for the moment add the 4D Taptic Engine:

Taptic Engine X axis:


Xiaomi Mi 10Xiaomi Mi 10 ProXiaomi Mi 10TXiaomi Mi 10T Pro

Taptic Engine Z axis:


Redmi Note 9SRedmi Note 9 ProXiaomi Mi 10 LiteXiaomi Mi 10T Lite


If you have any of these models and you are not sure how to enable this Xiaomi Taptic Engine, look at the following instructions that we have prepared for you in Xiaomi4mi to enable and adjust the vibration to your liking:

Taptic Xiaomi

To enable Taptic Engine (4D engine) in your Xiaomi you must go to Settings> Sound and vibration> enable the option that says Touch response> Adjust the power of use of the vibration engine that we will feel in our fingers on the bar.

My recommendation is that you do not raise this vibration too much because it makes a certain noise when it vibrates and if you are sharing the bed with another person it can be annoying, just as if you put your smartphone on the table, it will make noise. The higher the vibration power, the more noise and battery consumption you will have.

The use of this Xiaomi Taptic Engine reduces the battery, so keep in mind that if we want to have the best autonomy, the best decision is to keep it off and use it occasionally. If you don't care about the consumption, the noise and the vibration power, you want to feel it at all times when being with your Xiaomi in hand, raise the bar and enjoy the functionality, which has been implemented for that ­čśŐ.

We hope this guide has been helpful to you. You will find more guides to get all the power of your smartphone in this link.

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