Telekom introduces fully automated online identification

According to its own statements, Telekom is the first telecommunications provider to introduce the selfie identification process from Nect GmbH for the digital identification of customers. What does that mean for you guys? Well, you can record a video of the front and back of your ID card on your smartphone and have it checked for authenticity. Then you make a video of yourself for the so-called liveliness test. A comparison takes place and your identity can be verified.

The procedure ensures that video, ID and person actually belong together. The evaluation of the data is fully automated. According to Telekom, identification using the purely video-based process only takes two minutes. The customer only needs a smartphone, the Nect app and, of course, the ID. Since everything is automated, identification is possible around the clock.

At the start, the electronic residence permit can also be used for the procedure at Telekom in addition to the German identity card.

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