Tempered glass on the iPhone with a lifetime warranty as the best display protection

Press Release: The risk of damage to the iPhone display is really high when dropped. In addition, changing the display on the iPhone may become more expensive on newer models. So how do you best protect your display if your iPhone really falls off?

What protective glass on iPhone to choose?

If you are a user who does not often fall on iPhone, or rather at all, is careful about handling and does not need to deal with the replacement of protective glass every month, we recommend choosing some of the better toughened glasses marked 3D. These are glass that not only protects the iPhone screen to the edge, but also looks great. However, if you are a user who falls slowly on iPhone every day, we strongly recommend choosing Tempered Glass with a lifetime warranty. Why with a lifetime warranty?

Although it is not Tempered glass that bears the "3D" marking and completely covers the entire display (rounded edges), its benefits can be found somewhere else. Fits perfectly with any protective cover. It is thanks to the smaller size that you can buy this glass for any protective cover without worrying about the lifting and peeling off of the protective glass. Clear transparency and 0.26mm thickness. After sticking Tempered glass with a lifetime warranty, you hardly know that there is some glass stuck on the display. Despite a thickness of just 0.26mm, the protective glass achieves 9H!


Tempered glass for iPhone with lifetime warranty

Tempered glass for iPhone with lifetime warranty

Tempered glass for iPhone with lifetime warranty
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Very easy to install. On older iPhones, such as the iPhone SE, one poem sticks to the glass, on the newer, tempered glass is generally harder to apply, but you can center the tempered glass with a lifetime warranty perfectly according to the display area. It can not happen to you that you would spoil the application. Do you believe in sticking? Stop by directly at the stone shop Tvrzenýsklo.cz and have your glass stuck for free.

How does the lifetime warranty work?

The principle of the lifetime warranty applies to ANY DAMAGE. So even the mechanical damage, when you fall iPhone, protective glass will crack and you would normally have to go to buy a new price. For tempered glass with a lifetime warranty, you only need to pay a fee of 59 crowns for replacement and you get a brand new glass. If you are not from Prague, do not worry, after the damage it is possible to send the new Tempered Glass anywhere in the Czech Republic, just pay extra postage in advance. So how does it work?

When using a stone shop:

Purchase some Tempered Glass with Lifetime Warranty here.
You can stick it on it or have it stuck for free at the stone shop Tvrzenýsklo.cz
Damage occurred during use, you will stop at a stone shop and for 59 crowns you will be stuck a new glass, so you can arrive for replacement easily 100x

When ordering and delivering online:

Purchase some Tempered Glass with Lifetime Warranty here.
It will be delivered to you, apply it to your iPhone as described below
In use, it will be damaged, your damaged and stuck Toughened Glass on the iPhone, and send an email with information where you want to send the new Toughened Glass
You will immediately receive information on where to pay the postage + 59 CZK fee, after receipt of the amount you will be sent a new Tempered glass – you do NOT have to send the damaged glass back

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