Test production of the iPad Pro with a mini-LED has started. We will probably see the tablet next year

It is such a public secret that the apple company is currently strongly experimenting with mini-LED and microLED technologies, which ensure much lower display consumption, better colors and, above all, higher variability of settings. So far, however, there has been speculation about these types of screens, and it was uncertain when we would actually see an iPad or other device with this technology. Fortunately, these speculations are partially offset by the latest forecast from the Korean site The Elec, which mentions that test production of the new iPad Pro with mini-LED has reportedly already begun and the final version of the tablet should be seen either later this year or in the first half.

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When it comes to speculation about new and upcoming apple plants, they are always quite tricky and incomplete. Each source comes with different information and knowing all of it is sometimes a little frustrating. So far, the same has happened around the mini-LED and microLED technologies that Apple plans to build a factory in Taiwan solely for them, but no one knows exactly when to integrate these displays into their devices. However, with the groundbreaking report came the Korean slice, which mentions that the new 12.9-inch iPad Pro entered test production and either at the end of this year or in the next year we could look forward to the release. Mini-LED displays are to be supplied by LG, while the final assembly will traditionally be taken care of by Foxconn. Analysts Ming-Chi Kuo also acknowledged the benefits of the mini-LED, according to which there will be lower consumption, faster production and thinner equipment thanks to the compact architecture.

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Jiří Filip

June 22, 2020


However, the report claims that we will see the new iPad Pro in the fourth quarter at the earliest, and this is still a highly unlikely date. The optimistic forecast takes into account the fact that there will be no setbacks and, above all, a delay that would disrupt the overall release plan. The first half of next year is far more likely, when we will see a tablet with a 5G connection and a special A12X chip. There will be a long-awaited LiDAR scanner, an additional graphics core and other innovations that will please many people interested in a proper upgrade. We'll see if the predictions are wrong, and this powerful machine will really see the light of day early next year.

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