Thanks to watchOS 7, we can enjoy shortcuts on Apple Watch even without an iPhone

Although this feature is not very popular in our country and is used by relatively few enthusiasts, Abbreviations are the most beneficial and efficient system application, which can save an incredible amount of time. The user can select the most used applications, combine their functions and then just instruct Siri to turn on and activate the processes as needed. For example, you can put an alarm in the queue, turn on e-mail, or read messages. In the case of the Apple Watch, however, the shortcuts are still difficult and it was necessary to have an iPhone with you at all times in order to use their full potential. Fortunately, this is changing and in watchOS 7 we will be able to use Shortcuts separately.

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The release of watchOS 7 is fast approaching, and with it dozens of new features and improvements, which we will see with the arrival of a new operating system. And one of the long-sought-after features that users have called for is shortcuts. These simplify complex processes with a single click or voice command, including running playlists on Apple Music or controlling smart homes with HomeKit. Although this feature was still available on the Apple Watch, it was largely limited to working with the iPhone, and it was not possible to use the full potential of Shortcuts without a phone at hand. However, this is changing and in watchOS 7 the abbreviations will become completely independent.

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Apple has introduced watchOS 7

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Apple Watch

Jan Vajdák

June 22, 2020


Siri will thus fully support all functions on the Apple Watch and will offer an ideal background for full-fledged control using only a watch. In addition, everything will take place locally, so there will be no data exchange between the iPhone and the smart watch or the cloud. Thanks to this, information will be stored more securely and, above all, it will be possible to operate exclusively on the basis of one device. However, it should be noted that if you try to use Shortcuts to turn on the application on an iPhone that is not nearby, the watch will throw you an error message. It will be the same way, in case you want to set a notification on the watch from your phone without having Apple Watch at hand. However, it is definitely a welcome step forward and, above all, a better interconnection of the whole ecosystem, which is set to grow stronger over time. But we will probably learn more next week, when the beta version of watchOS 7 for developers will be released.

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