The ban on Chinese apps in India is "illegal", Xiaomi pulls …

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The Chinese ambassador opposes the Indian app ban by relying on the WTO: good news for Xiaomi?

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The Chinese ambassador to Gandhi's home country, Ji Rong, strongly condemns India's stance, saying that China is "strongly opposed" to the veto on Chinese apps and that these operations violate the interchange laws of the WTO. The accusation tones, however, still have a veil of hope, given that Ji said: “We expect India to recognize the beneficial economic loans and the China-India exchanges. We believe it is urgent that the government must take a step back from this discriminatory practice, in order to return to benefit the business that the two countries in the interest of each other. "

However, the Indian government is not of the same opinion, which seems to be satisfied with the operation of removing a threat to the sovereignty and integrity of the country, as well as to the security of the state and public order. In short, for India, Chinese apps harm and put their citizens at risk in the field of security and privacy, so the Ban is necessary for them. But the frictions between the two countries do not seem to stop here and go to far more serious matters.

As for manufacturers like Xiaomi, the condemnation of the WTO could be a sigh of relief, but we are apparently far from the normality that characterized the sales of Chinese brands on Indian soil.

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