The best application for mixing summer drinks

For many of you, a hot summer will certainly not do without wonderful mixed drinks. While someone goes to their bar for their favorite drink, others want to try something new, for example, and decide to mix their drink themselves at home. If you also want to try hand-mixing drinks, you can use one of the applications that we will introduce to you in our article today.

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Coctail Flow – Drink Recipes

The Coctail Flow – Drink Recipes application offers a lot of recipes for various cocktails with an explanation and a step-by-step procedure. According to its creators, it is intended more for more advanced amateur bartenders, but it will certainly be appreciated by beginners as well. The cocktails are clearly divided into several different categories, the application also includes an advanced quick search based on various parameters, such as the base of the drink or its strength.

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You can download the Coctail Flow – Drink Recipes application here.

Mixology Drink & Cocktail Recipes

In the application called Mixology Drink & Coctail Recipes you will find thousands of interesting recipes and instructions for drinks and cocktails from different parts of the world. In addition to recipes, you can also select individual ingredients available in the Mixology Drink & Coctail Recipes app, and the app itself will offer you suitable cocktails. In addition, you can also use an interesting feature called Random, which randomly draws you a drink.

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You can download Mixology Drink & Coctail Recipes for free here.

Mixel – Cocktail Recipes

In the Mixel – Cocktail Recipes application, you will find cocktail recipes for every occasion, from the most famous to the lesser-known. Mixel also offers a function that allows you to enter ingredients and display a list of matching drinks. The menu includes more than two thousand carefully selected recipes, hundreds of ingredients and the possibility of compiling a useful shopping list. You can also add your own recipes to the application.

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You can download Mixel – Cocktail Recipes free of charge here.

Cocktails – Easy Recipes App

The Cocktails – Easy Recipes App is true to its name. Here you will find a large number of simple and clear recipes for various cocktails from all over the world, both alcoholic and non-alcoholic. There are literally thousands of interesting well-known and lesser-known recipes on offer, from which everyone will definitely choose, and in addition to the classic text-based instructions, you will also find instructional videos in HD quality.

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You can download Cocktails – Easy Recipes App for free here.

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