The best Christmas gifts for Apple Watch owners

It's almost unbelievable, but this year is slowly but surely coming to an end and in a few weeks we will have a holiday that many of us especially love – Christmas. These include eating sweets in a big and fairy tale marathon on TV, as well as giving gifts to your friends or loved ones. What if you don't know what to please? If your “goal” is a user of Apple Watch, we will try to give you at least some guidance in the next few lines.

Up to 300

Silicone strap for Apple Watch Handodo – Apple design for a few crowns


watch black watch black

watch green watch green

watch orazn watch orazn

watch silikon watch silicone
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Gifts for Apple Watch owners probably can't even begin with a strap. It is the de facto alpha and omega of watches and one of the things that you simply delight everyone. If you do not want to spend too much money on the gift, you can reach for the silicone strap Handodo, which offers the same design as the original silicone straps Apple look forward to a minimalist processed product with a very simple fastening. For 199 crowns certainly an interesting choice for people with a lower budget.

You can buy the silicone strap for Apple Watch Handodo here

Cover for Apple Watch Devia – elementary protection that you hardly see


pouzdro devia 1 devia housing 1

pouzdro devia 2 devia housing 2
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Although protective covers and cases for Apple Watch are not used as much as the iPhone, some apple makers simply do not allow them. After all, apple watches are relatively expensive and any damage to them will hurt. How about eliminating it with a quite inconspicuous TPU cover that fits perfectly around their body and thus prevents most damage? 299 crowns for this comfort definitely worth.

Cover for Apple Watch Devia can be purchased here

Charging stand for Apple Watch USAMS – the basis of elegant charging


stojan usams 2 stand usams 2

stojan usams stand usams
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Charging Apple Watch can be truly stylish. All you need is a suitable accessory, such as a charging holder, in which you simply insert the charging cable and voilà, from now on you can always simply clip the watch. A nice charging stand is the one from the USAMS workshop, which in addition to the hole for the magnetic cable also offers a hole for Lightning, which makes it possible to charge the AirPody. You can get it in black and gray color for only 290 crowns. It is definitely not something that should ruin you, but it will certainly please the recipient.

USAMS Charging Stand for Apple Watch can be purchased here

USAMS charging cable – practical gift for a few crowns


kabel usams 1 usams cable 1

kabel usams 2 usams cable 2
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There are never enough charging cables, and this is also true of the Apple Watch's magnetic. Apple's originals, however, are still quite expensive and an alternative is to charge Apple Watch as saffron. Nevertheless, one can still choose. You can reach for example the USAMS cable with a length of 1.1 meters, which replaces the original cable without any problems, but it is only 290 crowns. Carrying cables can finally be done once and for all.

USAMS charging cable for Apple Watch can be purchased here

Up to 1000

Spigen Tough Armor – uncompromising protection for your wrist


kryt spigen 1 cover spigen 1

kryt spigen 2 cover spigen 2

kryt spigen 3 cover spigen 3

kryt spigen 4 cover spigen 4
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Are you interested in the protective cover mentioned above, but would you like to give your “Christmas goal” even more protection? Then reach for the extra durable Spigen Tough Armor. As the name suggests, this is a fairly robust case that will give your watch maximum protection from scratches as well as from shocks and shocks. It is quite remarkable on the watch, but it may be a plus for some apple-makers, as it can nicely complete their image. For 590 crowns in silver or 690 crowns in black certainly a nice gift.

You can buy the Spigen Touht Armor cover here

Griffin WatchStand – Charge elegantly


grifin 1 grifin 1

grifin 2 grifin 2

grifin 3 grifin 3

grifin 4 grifin 4
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If you found the previous charging stand too small, you might be interested in the Griffin WatchStand. He can not complain about the small size, because it is a de facto "mast" to which the watch clip. The charging principle is the same as in the previous case – just insert the magnetic charging cable into it and then just clip the watch. In addition, cable shortening is very interesting. It can – as you can see in the photos – wrap around the stand and thus significantly shorten it. This will make it exactly as long as you need it. In short, a useful style that simply pleases. And the price? Ridiculous 550 crowns.

You can buy the Griffin WatchStand here

Stainless steel link strap Spigen – luxury at an affordable price


reminek spigen 1 reminek spigen 1

reminek spigen 2 reminek spigen 2

reminek spigen 3 reminek spigen 3

reminek spigen 4 reminek spigen 4 +2 Photos

reminek spigen 5 reminek spigen 5
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Let's go back to the leash, which is probably the most versatile gift for Watch owners. How about delighting someone with a high-quality stainless steel link strap fastened to the buckle? That sounds great to you, but dear? But where that. Spigen offers this handsome guy for only 799 crowns, which is literally a mouthpiece – considering how much he sells similar Apple straps. In addition, Spigen is truly a renowned company that you do not have to worry about if its products are of poor quality. Buying this piece is really a safe bet.

Stainless steel link strap can be purchased here

Up to 3000

Powerbank for Apple Watch Belkin – energy packed for travel


powerbanka belkin 1 powerbank belkin 1

powerbanka belkin 2 powerbank belkin 2

powerbanka belkin 3 powerbank belkin 3
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Is your “Christmas destination” a travel lover? If so, I wouldn't hesitate a minute to buy an Apple Watch wireless charger with MFi certification, which, according to Belkin, who is behind it, can charge the watch for up to 63 hours of live time. As such, the Powerbank boasts an appealing minimalist design and, above all, friendly dimensions, thanks to which it can easily be reached everywhere. You would probably find a more useful gift for travelers in vain. 1499 crowns is acceptable for him.

Powerbank for Apple Watch can be purchased here

Belkin Powerhouse – for convenient charging of both iPhone and Apple Watch


powerhouse 1 powerhouse 1

powerhouse 2 powerhouse 2
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Didn't your search for the ideal charging stand satisfy you or the above-mentioned “mast”? Then we have the last and masterfully best, albeit most expensive, option for you. This is Belkin PowerHouse, which can charge both Apple Watch and iPhones using the Lightning connector. The good thing is that in this case you no longer need to insert any cables into the rack, as everything is integrated directly into it. De facto, just unpack the stand, plug it in and start charging. For the price of 2799 crowns certainly an interesting gift.

Belkin Powerhouse Charging Stand can be purchased here

Above 3000

Milan move – extraliga between straps


milanese-space-gray-sport-hero-1 Milan-Space-Gray-Sport-Hero-1

milanese-space-gray-sport-hero-2 Milan-space-gray-sport-hero-2

milanese-space-gray-sport-hero-3 Milan-Space-Gray-Sport-Hero-3

milanese-space-gray-sport-hero-4 milanese-space-gray-sport-hero-4 +6 Photos

milanese-space-gray-sport-hero-5 Milan-Space-Gray-Sport-Hero-5

milanese-silver-sport-hero-1 milanese-silver-sport-hero-2

milanese-silver-sport-hero-4 Milan-Silver-Sport-Hero-4

milanese-silver-sport-hero-2 Milan-Silver-Sport-Hero-2

milanese-silver-sport-hero-3 milanese-silver-sport-hero-2
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Ladies and gentlemen, here is the extra league. If you want to take your breath away, I think in vain what I would recommend better than the iconic strap called Milan move. It is a luxurious looking piece made of steel knitted fabric, which will give every Apple Watch a touch and at the same time it is very good to wear. He will not disgrace himself during a regular outfit, or during a working meeting or perhaps at a ball. In short, the strap that the vast majority of apples want, despite its relatively high price. It is 4290 crowns, which is enough, but on the other hand at Christmas we should not look at prices too much, right?

Milan move you can buy here

AirPods – ideal partner for apple watches


AirPods Pro 3 AirPods Pro 3

AirPods Pro 4 AirPods Pro 4

AirPods Pro 5 AirPods Pro

AirPods Pro 2 AirPods Pro 2 +5 Photos

AirPods Pro 1 AirPods Pro 1

AirPods nahled AirPods Insight Apple AirPods Headphones

AirPods sluchatko nahled AirPods handset overview Apple AirPods wireless handset

LsA aripods soutez nahled LsA aripods competition nahled LsA AirPods competition
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If you want to give your loved one or friend some electronic toy that you can do with more than just charge, then I'd be reaching for AirPods, as they give Apple Watch a new dimension. You can easily make calls or listen to music on your watch. It is simply a nice thing, which should not be missing any equipment. There are currently two types to choose from – AirPods and AirPods Pro. A less demanding user can get along with cheaper AirPods for 4790 crowns, more demanding then buy AirPods Pro for 7290 crowns. Details about them can be found here.

Apple AirPods can be purchased here
Apple AirPods Pro can be purchased here

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