The best Christmas gifts for iPhone owners

Last year at this time you could see Christmas products and Christmas decorations everywhere. This year, however, all this was easily overlooked, as our coronavirus entered into it. Anyway, I believe that none of us miss Christmas every year. If you have already started looking for and buying Christmas gifts (and it's time), then this year we bring you a series of articles that will certainly help you with your selection. In this article, we will look together at the best Christmas gifts for iPhone owners. Let's get straight to the point.

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Up to 500 crowns

Additional flash for the CELLY Click Light camera

Are you one of the individuals who often takes so-called "selfies", ie photographs of the face using the front camera of your iPhone? Even though the latest iPhones can take relatively good photos from the front camera even in low light conditions and at night, you will certainly agree with me when I say that photography in natural light does not dare. To improve the image, iPhone can also use Retina flash, ie flash using the display – but this is not an ideal solution. There are additional LED flashes for all demanding users, ie when it comes to selfie – and it should be noted that it really costs a few tens of crowns. A great solution is, for example, from CELLY called Click Light – use is simple and it should be noted that this flash is compatible not only with the iPhone, but also with competing phones.

You can buy the additional flash for the CELLY Click Light camera here

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celly click light celly_click_light2

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celly click light celly_click_light4

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Lightning cable AlzaPower AluCore

What we lie about, there are never enough cables. Even though the cable remains the last accessory that Apple comes with the new iPhones 12, you may find yourself in a situation where you will miss the cable. We want to have one cable in the bedroom, the second in the kitchen, the third in the car and the fourth in the office – who would also carry one cable all the time. As you probably know, original cables are quite durable and ultimately expensive. In this case, the solution from Alza, which offers its own range of accessories called AlzaPower, seems to be perfect. It should be noted that the Lightning cable is also included in the range of these accessories, which is very durable and will cost you even cheaper than the original. Personally, I own more of these cables and I've never had a problem with any of them – this is the perfect gift for every iPhone owner.

You can buy the AlzaPower AluCore lightning cable here

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alzapower cable alucore 1m lightning cable1

alzapower cable alucore 1m lightning cable2

alzapower cable alucore 1m lightning cable3

alzapower cable alucore 1m lightning cable4
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Powerbank Xiaomi Mi Wireless

If you look at the powerbank market, you will find that it is in a way oversaturated. Really every brand offers its power bank, and it should be noted that there is definitely something to choose from. Some powerbanks are mainly compact and small, other powerbanks, for example, can also charge a MacBook or other laptop. If you are looking for a classic power bank, which the recipient will use to charge the phone, wireless headphones, or any other "smaller" accessories, then you can reach for the power bank from Xiaomi, specifically for the Mi Wireless model. This power bank can also charge supported devices wirelessly – all you have to do is place an iPhone or other phone with Qi support on the body of the power bank. You will kill two flies with one blow – on the one hand you have a classic power bank, and on the other hand also a wireless charger.

You can buy the Xiaomi Mi Wireless power bank here

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xiaomi wireless powerbank xiaomi_wireless_powerbank1

xiaomi wireless powerbank xiaomi_wireless_powerbank2

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Up to 1000 crowns

AlzaPower Wireless Fast Charger

Nowadays, people are starting to use it more and more often compared to those of classic wireless chargers. There are also countless of them available on the market – you can choose from the more common ones, you can reach for a wireless car charger, or for example for an office stand that can both charge your device and you will also see any notifications. Even in this case, you can use a product from the AlzaPower family, which is called Wireless Fast Charger. This wireless charger and stand in one can charge the device with up to 10 watts, in addition, there is 4Safe – protection against short circuit, overvoltage, overload and overheating. The Wireless Fast Charger from AlzaPower looks very stylish and will fit not only into any office.

You can buy the AlzaPower Wireless Fast Charger here

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alzapower wireless charger alzapower_wireless_charger1

alzapower wireless charger alzapower_wireless_charger6

alzapower wireless charger alzapower_wireless_charger5

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alzapower wireless charger alzapower_wireless_charger3

alzapower wireless charger alzapower_wireless_charger2
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iOttie MiGo selfie stick

There are selfie bars that you can buy in practically any supermarket for a few hundred crowns. But what will we lie about, if you have ever bought such a selfie stick, you will agree with me that the quality of the design is definitely not completely ideal, as well as the functionality. If you want a selfie stick, which is partly made of aluminum, and which you can also control remotely, you can reach for the iOttie MiGo. Among other things, this selfie stick offers an LED charge indicator, a padded phone mount that prevents damage to the phone, an ergonomic handle and much more. It is the perfect companion for holidays, family celebrations or various trips. Of course, the iOttie MiGo is compatible with all smartphones that support Bluetooth 3.0 and later.

You can buy the iOttie MiGo selfie stick here

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iottie migo selfie stick iottie_migo_selfie_stick5

iottie migo selfie stick iottie_migo_selfie_stick4

iottie migo selfie stick iottie_migo_selfie_stick2

iottie migo selfie stick iottie_migo_selfie_stick3 +2 Photos

iottie migo selfie stick iottie_migo_selfie_stick1
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Up to 5000 crowns

Lightning Digital AV (HDMI) adapter

From time to time, we may find ourselves in a situation where we need to connect our iPhone to a television or some external monitor. In this case, of course, you can use AirPlay, anyway, not every TV supports this feature. So whether you want to project holiday photos, a movie or a presentation on your older TV, the original Lightning Digital AV (HDMI) adapter will serve you perfectly. With this adapter, you will always be 100% sure that your transmission will work in all circumstances. For some cheaper alternatives, you may encounter various problems – for example, you may not be able to play a movie from Netflix. This will definitely not happen to you with the original adapter.

You can buy the Lightning Digital AV (HDMI) adapter here

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apple lightning by hdmi adapter apple_lightning_av_hdmi_adapter1

apple lightning by hdmi adapter apple_lightning_av_hdmi_adapter2

apple lightning by hdmi adapter apple_lightning_av_hdmi_adapter3

apple lightning by hdmi adapter apple_lightning_av_hdmi_adapter4
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AirPods 2nd generation

Probably every one of us knows AirPods wireless headphones. When Apple came up with the first generation a few years ago, many individuals laughed at the design and, in addition, it was assumed that these headphones could not succeed. However, the opposite has become true, as AirPods is one of the most popular wireless headphones in the world. After the first generation came the second generation, along with AirPods Pro. Although it may not seem so, AirPods can simplify life in many situations – whether you are shopping in a store and you do not want to hold the phone, or whether you are calling in the office with your dear half. In addition to the young generation, AirPods will easily use the older one, making it a universal gift suitable for anyone.

You can buy 2nd generation AirPods here

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Apple AirPods with wireless case apple-airpods-2-generation-2

Apple AirPods with wireless case apple-airpods-2-generation-1

Apple AirPods with wireless case apple-airpods-2-generation-3

Apple AirPods with wireless case apple-airpods-2-generation-4
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Over 5000 crowns

Apple Watch Series 6

Apple products are popular mainly due to their connectivity. Every single product you own from Apple can move you in a way and make your life easier. One of the products you wouldn't accidentally expect from is Apple Watch. Many individuals simply do not understand what an apple watch can actually do and why it is so popular. But the truth is that you will find out the real magic only when you start using the watch for a few days. Once you take them off your hand, you will find that in a way you are not complete and that you are missing something. You can enjoy the latest generation of Apple Watch Series 6, which offers an Always-On display, ECG measurement, oxygen saturation measurement and much more.

You can buy the Apple Watch Series 6 here

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Review of Apple Watch Series 6 "data-caption =" Review of Apple Watch Series 6 "> review of apple watch series 6 Review of Apple Watch Series 6 Review of Apple Watch Series 6

 <img src= apple watch series 6 lsa 9 Source: Redakce Letem světem Apple

Apple Watch Series 6 apple watch series 6 lsa 8 Source: Redakce Letem světem Apple

Apple Watch Series 6 apple watch series 6 lsa 7 Source: Redakce Letem světem Apple +7 Photos

Apple Watch Series 6 apple watch series 6 lsa 6

Apple Watch Series 6 apple watch series 6 lsa 5

Apple Watch Series 6 apple watch series 6 lsa 4

Apple Watch Series 6 apple watch series 6 lsa 3

Apple Watch Series 6 apple watch series 6 lsa 2

Apple Watch Series 6 apple watch series 6 lsa 1
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DJI Mavic Mini 2

If the recipient enjoys the latest technology and you have the budget for a more expensive gift, you can reach for the DJI Mavic Mini 2 drone. But definitely don't be fooled by the word "Mini" in the name – this drone is small but handy. DJI Mavic Mini 2 boasts a 4K camera mounted on a 3-axis stabilizer, built-in 8 GB memory and a flight time of up to 34 minutes with the possibility of control via a transmitter. The weight of this model is then only 570 grams. The good news is that the DJI Mavic Mini 2 supports the H.265 codec, thanks to which you can record a much longer recording, the photos can have a resolution of up to 48 Mpix and there is also HDR support. The DJI Mavic Mini 2 can transmit video up to 10 kilometers away, so you can jump right into exploring the surroundings.

You can buy DJI Mavic Mini 2 here

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dji mavic air 2 dji_mavic_air_2_1

dji mavic air 2 dji_mavic_air_2_6

dji mavic air 2 dji_mavic_air_2_5

dji mavic air 2 dji_mavic_air_2_4 +3 Photos

dji mavic air 2 dji_mavic_air_2_3

dji mavic air 2 dji_mavic_air_2_2
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MacBook Air M1 (2020)

It's a few days back since Apple introduced three new Apple PCs, including a new MacBook Air, at its third fall conference this year. There would be nothing special about it in the final, in any case Apple has made absolutely revolutionary progress this year – it started using its first Apple M1 processor from the Apple Silicon family. Compared to the previous generation MacBook Air, the new one is several tens of percent more powerful. The good news is that the price has remained exactly the same and, in addition, the Air is completely silent, as it has been completely stripped of its fan. For an apple fanatic who owns an iPhone, owning a MacBook is an absolute must – and Air seems to be the most interesting choice at the moment. This is the cheapest model, but it is still very powerful, stylish and portable. So you will definitely not offend anyone with the air.

You can buy MacBook Air M1 (2020) here

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macbook air m1 2020 mpv-shot0298

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macbook air m1 2020 mpv-shot0299

macbook air m1 2020 mpv-shot0262 +9 Photos

macbook air m1 2020 mpv-shot0263

MacBook Air M1 MacBook Air M1 MacBook Air M1

macbook air m1 2020 mpv-shot0265

macbook air m1 2020 mpv-shot0266

macbook air m1 2020 mpv-shot0267

macbook air m1 2020 mpv-shot0268

m1 processor mpv-shot0257

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