The best Christmas gifts for iPhone owners

Christmas is slowly knocking on our door and we are approaching the end of this year. The basic rule of Christmas is to buy all gifts with sufficient time, so you can be calm as soon as possible. However, if you are not sure about the right choice, we decided to try to give you some advice. In this article, you will find ten products that will certainly appreciate any apple phone owner. You will be redirected to the product page by clicking on its title or by clicking the link at the end of each paragraph.

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The best Christmas gifts for AirPods owners

Tips for Christmas gifts

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Up to 300 crowns

AlzaPower AluCore Lightning MFi – Cables are never enough


alzapower-alucore-lightning-mfi6 alzapower-alucore-lightning-mfi7

alzapower-alucore-lightning-mfi2 alzapower-alucore-lightning-mfi1

alzapower-alucore-lightning-mfi1 alzapower-alucore-lightning-mfi2

alzapower-alucore-lightning-mfi3 alzapower-alucore-lightning-mfi3 +3 Photos

alzapower-alucore-lightning-mfi4 alzapower-alucore-lightning-mfi3

alzapower-alucore-lightning-mfi5 alzapower-alucore-lightning-mfi4
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Certainly most iPhone owners will tell me that in short, certified Lightning cables are never enough. In addition, genuine Apple cables directly suffer from one crucial thing, which is indeed low durability. For this reason, we will introduce the AlzaPower AluCore Lightning MFi cable, which has a metal body and nylon braid, which boasts a really high durability. Pleased but also the opportunity to buy it in a huge number of color variations, which you simply have to hit the gifted tastes. Simply a useful gift for a few crowns. You can order this product here.

Lightning cable AlzaPower AluCore can be purchased here

Spigen Airpods Strap – Keep AirPods under surveillance


spigen-airpods-strap-5 Spigen-Airpods-Strap-5

spigen-airpods-strap-3 Spigen-Airpods-Strap-3

spigen-airpods-strap-2 Spigen-Airpods-Strap-2

spigen-airpods-strap-4 spigen-airpods-strap-4 +3 Photos

spigen-airpods-strap Spigen-Airpods-Strap

Spigen AirPods Strap Spigen AirPods Strap
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If you have iPhone users in your area, they most likely have AirPods. And does anyone care about their AirPody like an eye in their head and care about their safety? If you answered yes to this question, you might be delighted with the practical and elegant Spigen holder, so you don't have to worry about losing your headphones during different activities. Yes, this product is not entirely related to the iPhone, but on the other hand, for many iPhone users, AirPods is such an important accessory that it would be a sin not to remember them even now Spigen Airpods Strap is available here.

Strap for AirPods can be purchased here

Up to 500 crowns

Spigen Thin Fit iPhone 11 Pro Cover – Elegant cover for the latest iPhone


spigen-thin-fit-kryt-iphone-11-pro2 spigen-thin-fit-cover-iphone-11-pro2

spigen-thin-fit-kryt-iphone-11-pro4 spigen-thin-fit-cover-iphone-11-pro4

spigen-thin-fit-kryt-iphone-11-pro1 spigen-thin-fit-cover-iphone-11-pro1

spigen-thin-fit-kryt-iphone-11-pro3 spigen-thin-fit-cover-iphone-11-pro3 +3 Photos

spigen-thin-fit-kryt-iphone-11-pro5 spigen-thin-fit-cover-iphone-11-pro5

spigen-thin-fit-kryt-iphone-11-pro6 spigen-thin-fit-cover-iphone-11-pro6
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Do you have a man in your area who recently decided to buy a new flagship apple company, now the iPhone 11 Pro? If you want to make him less happy and partially increase the durability of his new phone, you should definitely give it some quality and sleek cover. These attributes comfortably meet the Thin Fit cover from Spigen, which is renowned for its covers. By purchasing them, you certainly do not touch it – on the contrary, you will hit it directly into the black. You can order it here.

You can buy the Spiegen cover here

Game controller for iPhone – For a better gaming experience


herni-ovladac-ipega-iphone-ipouzdro-1 game-driver-ipega-iphone-ipouzdro-1

herni-ovladac-ipega-iphone-ipouzdro-3 game-driver-ipega-iphone-ipouzdro-3

herni-ovladac-ipega-iphone-ipouzdro-2 game-driver-ipega-iphone-ipouzdro-2

herni-ovladac-ipega-iphone-ipouzdro-4 game-driver-ipega-iphone-ipouzdro-4
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Playing a variety of mobile games can sometimes be quite break-even on our iPhone. If you have someone in your area who ranks among the steadfast mobile gaming players and would definitely welcome a classic gamepad, you might want to consider buying an IPEGA game controller. It is specially designed for example for playing the popular PUBG game and can greatly facilitate the game. So, do you or your “Christmas goal” feel like a lot of gaming madness that this controller gives you? You can buy this gamepad here.

You can buy the IPEGA game controller here

Up to 2000 crowns

Original leather cover for iPhone – Elegance, which will not get tired


apple-leather-case-iphone-x-xs1 Apple-leather-case-iphone-x-xs1

apple-leather-case-iphone-x-xs2 apple-leather-case-iphone-x-xs1

iphone-x-in-apple-iphone-xs-leather-case iphone-x-in-apple-iphone-xs-leather-case

iPhone Leather Case iPhone Leather Case Take special care when choosing a case or cover in the summer.
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Original leather covers for apple phones are renowned for their elegance. These covers accurately copy the curves of the iPhone, making them both a great helper to improve durability and also a relatively tasteful fashion accessory. A great benefit of this cover is its very pleasant grip, which over time with the formation of patina on its sides only and only improves. We must not forget the classic leather fragrance, which you will enjoy after unpacking from the box. Apple Leather Case for iPhone X and XS can be ordered here in different colors.

Genuine Apple leather cover can be purchased here

IWant Wireless Double Charger – Charge without cables


bezdratova-nabijecka-iwant2 bezdratova-nabijecka-iwant1

bezdratova-nabijecka-iwant1 bezdratova-nabijecka-iwant2

bezdratova-nabijecka-iwant4 bezdratova-nabijecka-iwant5
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All apple phones produced since 2017 fully support so-called wireless charging, thanks to the induction charging standard called Qi. Personally, I have to say that wireless chargers are one of the most amazing inventions for me, as they often look nice and can usually charge more than one device at the same time using a single cable. Exactly this feature fulfills iWant charger, which can charge for example iPhone and the latest AirPods at the same time. You can buy this charger here.

You can purchase the iWant Wireless Double Charger here

Up to 6000 crowns

Apple Watch Series 3 – Proven quality at a reasonable price


apple-watch-series-3--2 apple-watch-series-3-2

apple-watch-series-3--1 apple-watch-series-3-1

apple-watch-series-3--3 apple-watch-series-3–3
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The vast majority of iPhone owners want Apple Watch, which goes hand in hand with the Apple Phone. With the release of the latest generation of these watches, Apple itself decided to launch the third generation at a greatly discounted price, making Apple Watch Series 3 a widely available product. Thanks to this, you can get really high quality smartwatch with a wide range of advanced features really anyone. So, if you or your “Christmas goal” does not strike the ECG or larger display, we can still recommend Apple Watch Series 3 with a calm heart. You can order this watch here.

Apple Watch Series 3 can be purchased here

Apple AirPods with Wireless Case – Get rid of your related cables


apple-airpods-2-generace-2 apple-airpods-2-generation-3

apple-airpods-2-generace-1 apple-airpods-2-generation-2

apple-airpods-2-generace-3 apple-airpods-2-generation-4

apple-airpods-2-generace-4 apple-airpods-2-generation-3
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In the first half of this year we saw the second generation of the renowned Apple AirPods product. Compared to the first generation, it comes with a brand new H1 chip, which speeds up all headphone operations with other devices and with a wirelessly charged case. If you decide to donate a second generation of Apple AirPods headphones with a wirelessly charged case to someone close to you, you will definitely be extremely happy. After all, AirPods has been described by many as one of Apple's best products today. Wireless headphones can be purchased at this address.

Apple AirPods 2nd generation can be purchased here

Over 6000 crowns

Apple Watch Series 5 – Apple's latest smart watch


apple-watch-series-5 apple-watch-series-4

apple watch series 5 verge 6 Apple Watch Series 5 Verge 6

Apple Watch Series 5 AR 6 Apple Watch Series 5 AR 5

Apple Watch Series 5 AR 5 Apple Watch Series 5 AR 5 +2 Photos

Apple Watch Series 5 recenze Apple Watch Series 5 Review
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In this article, we have already seen Apple Watch, but it was a two-year-old product, but it is still extremely useful. However, if you are not limited by your budget when shopping for Christmas gifts and you want to surprise someone, buying Apple Watch Series 5 is definitely not a mistake. This watch offers a so-called Always-on display, ECG measurement and several other very useful features. Watches can be ordered here.

Apple Watch Series 5 can be purchased here

Apple MacBook Pro 13 ″ 2019 – Best partner for iPhone


macbook-pro-13--4 macbook-dec-13–4

macbook-pro-13--1 macbook-pro-13–2

macbook-pro-13--2 macbook-pro-13–2

macbook-pro-13--3 macbook-pro-13–3
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The better we could end this article than the 13-inch version of the MacBook Pro. The basis of each apple ecosystem is the iPhone, which is best understood with the MacBook. If you want to take this Christmas to a really new level and give some of your neighbors this sophisticated piece of technology, you can be sure that the person will be indescribably grateful to you. As soon as this happy person feels perfectly connected to the iPhone and MacBook, he will never want anything else. This year's MacBook Pro 13 ″ can be purchased here.

You can buy Apple MacBook Pro here

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