The best Christmas presents for true Apple lovers

Almost immediately after its inception, Apple not only became one of the most innovative technology companies in the world, but literally formed a cult around itself. He accompanies him to this day, and the people who use his products are often fans rather than just ordinary users. Just for those who are real fans, I made the following selection of things that can make them happy at Christmas. I believe that no matter what you reach for in the following article, you will definitely enjoy everyone who loves Apple.

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The best Christmas gifts for iPhone owners

All about Apple

Pavel Jelič November 15, 2020 0

Icons from real icons

Every Apple lover knows legendary icons such as Finder, Macintosh, Command and many more. All of these icons were created, like thousands of others, by a single woman – Susan Kare. This lady is behind the most famous icons in the history of software. Since 1982, she has worked for Apple and created graphics for the Macintosh. It's the lady who created the famous smile next to the Finder icon. In 1986, she followed Steve Jobs into NeXT Computer, and a few years later founded her own graphics studio. Now he is only engaged in creative activities and thanks to that we Apple fans have the opportunity to buy original numbered copies of individual icons signed by Susan Kare. So if you really want something wow, an Finder or Macintosh icon with the author's autograph may hang on the wall. Just look at and choose.

Throwboy – Original pillows with Apple products

If you want to literally hug, roll or cuddle around your Mac, iPhone or iPod, you have a choice. All you have to do is buy pillows from the Throwboy company, which makes pillows in the form of legendary products from Apple. In addition to the above-mentioned pillows, they also offer, for example, a Finder or a rainbow loading wheel. There are two sizes, one pocket, which fits somewhere on a shelf or a table, and then the classic size corresponding to the size of a regular pillow. If you have a sofa in the office and you want to take the visit with something unconventional, then pillows with Apple products are definitely an interesting choice. You can order Throwboy pillows right here.

Fearless Genius – The greatest legends of IT

The book charts the beginnings of the Sillicon Valley from 1985 to 2000, giving you the opportunity to really see unique photos of Apple's empty offices or, for example, a photo of Steve Jobs' board, which is decorated with a large Deep Shit sign. There is also a photograph of Bill Gates at a time when, at least according to his expression and appearance, he was not yet very clear about his sexual orientation. The book is not just about Apple itself, but on 192 pages full of unique photos it focuses on the whole valley, so you will find photos of people like Jeff Bezos, Marc Andreessen, David Hockney or Steve Wozniak. It is quite difficult to get the book today, but you will definitely find it on eBay or Amazon with a bit of effort.

Vintage pieces of Apple Computers

Having a mouse on the shelf or on a table with the same year of manufacture as the year you were born is definitely not to be thrown away. Even if you're a little older and Apple didn't exist at the time, you can still indulge in one of the unique mice, keyboards, or anything else you can think of. This is definitely an interesting gift, especially for those who already really have everything and do not want to buy them just some other common thing. For example, just type Rare Apple mouse neo Vintage Apple "something" on eBay and you will see that you will certainly choose from products for tens of dollars to real exclusivities, such as the originally packaged mouse for Apple Lisa for more than ten thousand dollars. If you are afraid to shop abroad, just visit our Apple bazaar with a section for collectors, and there are a few interesting pieces.

Inspire Mac Candle – a candle with the scent of Mac

If you're a true fan, you don't just want to see Apple – you want to feel it every day. That's why Twelve South has developed a special Inspire Mac Candle that smells like the smell you feel when you unpack a new Apple computer. The candle can scent your room for up to 60 hours, and in addition to the scent that really resembles a new Mac, you will also get a nice porcelain jar in which the candle itself is hidden. Of course, we tried the candle and smelled it honestly, you can see the review right here. If you have a real fan in your area who already has everything from Apple, and you want to please him with something original, the Inspire Mac Candle is a clear choice. You can buy a candle right here.

Steve Jobs – Authorized resume

I know – there is no Christmas article in which we would not mention the biography of Steve Jobs by Walter Isaacson. But this book is really the right nut for anyone who really wants to learn all the essentials about what Steve Jobs really was. If you have someone in your area who loves Apple and doesn't have this book in their library yet, then it's really one of the best gifts to learn more. In addition, it is the first and last authorized CV from one of the best CV authors in the world. The whole book is written very engaging and even after 600 pages you will not get bored. If you're still undecided, check out the review. You can buy Steve Jobs book right here.

Signature of Steve Wozniak with dedication

Getting Steve Jobs' signature is a relatively expensive affair, and the opportunity to auction his signature is only a few times a year. Steve Wozniak, on the other hand, will be happy to sign for you, plus a dedication. But you have to pay for it. Not that Wozniak was suffering from a shortage of money and wanted to squeeze the last crown out of Apple fans. On the contrary, one of the greatest IT legends uses his name for a good cause, and all proceeds from the sale of relics with his signature go to charities. There are a lot of items that you can sign, from keyboards for about $ 30, including the signature, to the original logo or, for example, the motherboard of an Apple computer, or some of the older keyboards or mice. We couldn't resist ourselves and we bought a few things with the signature of the legendary Steve Wozniak, you can see them in the article about the Apple BUS Mouse. You can buy Steve Wozniak's signature right here.

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