The best comedy on Netflix: Another load of great comedies that you should not miss

We have a weekend and in our magazine we will give you tips on "netflix lounging" again. We haven't provided a tip for some comedies in a long time. The good news is that Netflix is ​​adding new shows almost constantly, so there's always something to choose from. As mentioned above, today we will look at the films you laugh at, which will be about all the flavors of origin. So let's look at both Czech and foreign comedies, which are definitely worth watching. If you don't have Netflix yet, this service offers 30 days for free. So if for some reason the service doesn't work for you, you can cancel it without any problems in a few weeks.

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The best Czech films on Netflix: Another load of Czech films that deserve your attention


Jan Vajdák 14 November 2020 2


Longtime friends and former basketball teammates from school learn that their coach has died. So they go to the cottage to honor his memory. But they also meet five old opponents. Great comedy with Adam Sandler. You will also come across the second part on Netflix.

Women on the run

After the death of her husband and father, the widow decides to fulfill her husband's last wish – to run a marathon. Since she is the mother of three daughters, she agrees to run those 42 kilometers like a family relay. So the hard training begins.


There is probably no need to introduce this American comedy with an incredibly vulgar teddy bear. The perfect thing about it is that it is fun even when viewed several times.

Sex Tape

Crazy American comedy starring CameronDiaz and Jason Segel. The sex life of the couple is declining. When they are without children one evening, they decide to enjoy everything. So they will shoot a "home video", which will be extended by iCloud to the facilities of children and acquaintances, to whom the couple once donated their older apple products.

What men long for

Jiří Langmajer, a playman and editor-in-chief of Playboy magazine, gets fired. So he decides to drink the expulsion properly. Since he has a negative view of women and a little despises them, because it is said to be easier in life, he wants to become a woman. So he visits the witch, through whose intervention the protagonist gets into a woman's body. So now he has to deal with ice.


A French film about three long-time girlfriends who decide to go on holiday to the sea. Although the ladies are over 40, they all look out for the world. Far younger men are interested in them. And a ticklish plot is born.

Something like a comedy

A very successful American comedy in which we see Keir Gilchrist, Emma Roberts and Lauren Graham. The fun story takes place in a place that is definitely not fun – in a psychiatric hospital.

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