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We live in a time of sharing. We constantly send various documents, photos, as well as voice or video recordings and other types of files. It does not always represent an ideal way to share this type of need email. In today's article, we'll look at (mostly domestic) sharing services, both publicly uploadable sites and those whose content can only be shared through a direct link. In this article, you'll find the most relevant information about your most popular storage. Services that do not find a maximum or minimum download speed are not normally published in this article. The list of services intentionally lacks iCloud, which works on a different principle and which will be discussed in detail in one of our next articles.

Czech repositories



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Airmail is not one of the typical cloud repositories because it does not allow long-term uploading of the file, nor does it offer the possibility of public upload and subsequent search. Instead, it allows users to temporarily upload the selected file and then share it with those who need to send it using the link created. The shipment will be stored at the Air Mail for 33 days for an unlimited number of downloads, no registration or additional payments required. The web experience is simple, with only the minimum amount of ads required. All you have to do is upload the file to your website (which of course must not be in violation of Czech law or the rules of Airmail), enter e-mails of the recipients, and you do not have to worry about anything else. The maximum file size is 161 MB.

Save it

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In the Czech Republic, you would hardly be looking for someone who does not know the service. Surely you have also used it in the past to download an episode of your favorite series of study materials. The advantage of is virtually unlimited space and wide possibilities of uploading, sharing and viewing files, as well as the possibility to use the services completely free of charge – but with some limitations such as slower download (300 kBps), non-sequencing or inability to download multiple files at once. If you want to pay extra for any of these services, offers the possibility to purchase credit in various ways from SMS to card payment. Within the service you can also donate credit to another user, also offers its own iOS app.



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Among the relatively popular services also include the Czech Webshare. You can also use this service both free of charge and for a fee (see gallery) for which you will receive a number of bonuses and improvements. The free version carries the drawbacks of slower downloads, the inability to download multiple files at the same time, and the non-binding of downloads. However, VIP membership of one month to one year on Webshare is not costly (from 59 crowns) and includes the benefits of 10GB of private disk space, fast downloads (up to 500 Mb / s), download and many next. As with, you can pay in several ways for your Webshare VIP membership.



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Hellspy is one of the stars in the Czech pond of sharing services. There is always a fee for downloading, you can download multiple files at once without any significant speed limit. You can buy the credit either once or without registering, or create an account and recharge the credit either once or prepay. You can also recharge the credit to another user. In addition to the website, Hellspy also offers its own client for uninterrupted downloads, for macOS, Windows and Linux.

Foreign storage

Google Drive


Google Drive prices

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There is also a number of cloud storage of "non-Czech" origin. As with the Czech ones, you will find various paid and free variants here. One of the most popular and best known is Google Drive. By default, it will give you 15GB of free space for files of all kinds, starting at around $ 2.00 a month for your Google Account. Google Drive files are shared via a special link created. Google Drive is directly linked to other Google web apps, such as Google Sheets, Google Docs, or Google Slides, so you can start working (or collaborate) directly on files you download from here.



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Another relatively widely used storage is OneDrive from Microsoft. OneDrive (formerly SkyDrive) offers a variety of flexible solutions for individuals and businesses, as well as a completely free option with 5GB of storage space. The more expensive OneDrive variants then offer users various benefits, such as ransomware detection or backing up folders from a computer. Like Google Drive, OneDrive is also connected to other Microsoft online services. Users can also download all data in * .zip format (maximum size 4GB per download) or recover deleted data from the Recycle Bin. Files are kept private in OneDrive until you decide to generate a share link, which you then send to the recipients.



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DropBox is also very popular among users. It offers paid solutions for individuals and businesses with the option of using a 30-day free trial. If you decide to use the basic free version of DropBox, you will get 2GB of space with the possibility of transferring 20GB of data per day, the paid version is 1TB storage and transfer of up to 200GB of data per day. DropBox also offers a custom app for iOS devices. With DropBox, just like the above services, files are shared at your own request via a specially generated link.

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